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10 Incredible Road Trips By Bus That You Should Not Miss

Flights are so overrated that you miss a huge wonder of your trip. However, buses, on the other hand, offer one of the best scenic experiences that lasts forever in your memories. Watching the mountains, beaches, rivers, lands, gardens, forests, and desserts on the way pleases your eyes. You can book your next road trip with
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Other modes of transport also provide different types of views, such as from a flight, where you get a sky view, and from a train, where you get a land view. I feel they somehow provide a restricted view, whereas on the bus you get to interact with locals as well. You can enjoy more as you stop at different beautiful spots.

Therefore, today we will go through the places where you can travel via bus. Also, it is budget-friendly and provides you with unrestricted scenes of nature. On the way, you meet new people and share new experiences.

Keep reading the blog to learn more about the incredible road trips by bus that you should not miss.

List of 10 Best Road Trips By Bus

If you are planning to go to any of these places, then you must choose the road route to access more beauty on the way. Let us go through the details of every road trip you must know about.

Mumbai to Goa

Mumbai to Goa, in total, takes about 12 hours via bus route. This route is through NH 66 and starts with the Mumbai-Pune expressway. In between, it covers Kolhapur and Belgaum and finally takes you to your destination, which is Goa.

On a bus ride, you get to absorb the scenic view of the natural landscape of Maharashtra. In this beautiful journey, you will encounter the beaches of Ratnagiri and pass through green farmlands, forests, waterfalls, and the western ghats. The best time to travel to Goa from Mumbai is during the day, as you will not miss any glimpses of nature.

Visakhapatnam to Chennai

The Visakhapatnam-to-Chennai route by bus nearly takes 15 hours with a paradisiac view. The route goes along NH 16, continuing on a road less travelled into a heavenly experience. This raw beauty of nature is isolated from many travellers. However, the scenic beauty takes away all your stress as you enjoy your journey without looking at your watch.

During your tour, you get the opportunity to memorise the wonders of nature and not only think about the destination. The bus travel makes it budget-friendly, completing your journey with the beautiful views your eyes crave.

Bengaluru to Ooty

A 6–10-hour journey that is worth travelling in a bus to get the best out of the route. One of the most loved destinations to go to in a bus is to experience the lush green mountains, eucalyptus trees, Nilgiri forests, and exhilarated wildlife. The curvy roads might make you feel dizzy or make your stomach churn. However, the clouds, silent valleys, or coffee plantations will take your attention away.

You will also encounter national parks, grand temples, archaeological monuments, historic cities, and waterfalls during your journey to Ooty. Get the pleasant views of southern India on this route via bus.

Srinagar to Udhampur

A perfect route for nature lovers to experience the greenery and pollution-free environment. In this 7 hours journey, the food from dhabas and serene view will make you stay there forever. A window seat in the bus will be perfect to engross yourself in all the views of nature and save them in your memories forever.

Being a pocket-friendly journey, this route offers the calmness that we need in our daily lives. You would not want to come back as soon as you entered the heavenly route, surrounded by greenery and fresh air.

Delhi to Leh

Delhi to Leh is a long journey that takes up to 29 hours via bus. So, you must be wondering why buses and not any other convenient transport for such a long journey? It is worth travelling in a bus where you can make some of the most amazing memories. The monasteries and natural surroundings will make you fall in love with your journey.

On road trips to Leh, you will face the true beauty of the whole journey. The route is equally important as the destination. Therefore, it should be enjoyed to the fullest, and the Leh road trip will never disappoint you.

Jaipur to Jaisalmer

Jaipur to Jaisalmer, an almost 10- to 12-hour road trip, will steal your heart with its picturesque views. During the journey, peacocks may welcome you with their gorgeous feathers. Also, the sand dunes and well-maintained roads will make your route even more convenient and interesting.

The Thar Desert is the main attraction of this journey, providing you with scenic views along the way. It is common to find animals like camels, antelopes, and migratory birds on your way. You will also encounter some remote locations, such as shepherds, tiny hamlets, dunes, Havelis, stepwells, royal palaces, and many more.

Manali to Leh Highway

Remember the “Yeh ishq haye” song from the movie “Jab We Met”? You can experience the joy the same way Kareena Kapoor did in this song. It is a 14+ hour journey with snow-laden peaks and heavenly views. The journey will change something in you, as the feeling of being there is different for every person.

You will be blessed to gaze at the amazing snow-capped Himalayan landscapes with apple orchards, gurgling rivers, and tranquil valleys full of alpine forests. With such amazing encounters, the road trips from Manali to Leh make the best memories.

Shimla to Manali

A bus trip from Shimla to Manali is a peaceful journey that will calm your soul. The route takes up to 8 hours by bus, providing you with a tremendous view of mountains and the sky. Riding alongside the stomping River Beas, you get the most beautiful, bright view of your surroundings.

Being the most popular hilly terrain to be on a trip, you might find some crowds, traffic, and honking that will annoy you. However, you can still manage to calm yourself with the beauty outside your window.

Chennai to Munnar

Chennai to Munnar is a 12-hour bus ride where you will find beaches in Tamil Nadu and tea gardens in Munnar on your way. You will also come across the plains, owning their beauty and simplicity. The greenery and trees alongside will add freshness to the air.

The stops in between will let you feel the place completely. Here, you can gather a lot of memories that you will cherish and want to experience again.


In this blog, we have discussed the incredible road trips by bus that you should not miss. For some people, bus trips might not be as comfortable as trains or flights. However, adventure lovers and people comfortable with bus travel can create new memories and experiences on road trips.

With growing technology and accessibility to almost everything, there are a few things that never change. And bus trips are one of those that will always welcome you and take you to the heights of enjoyable journeys. Find these places and easily book your bus with Abhibus Discount Coupons  through Cashaly. As it is said, we get one life, and we should live it to the fullest. Bus rides offer you the real charm of these places.

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