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Favorite Foods People Love or Hate Over all World Survey | 2023


Food is not only a necessity but also a reflection of culture, preferences, and tastes. Different people around the world have varying preferences when it comes to food choices. Some dishes are celebrated and loved globally, while others might trigger strong aversions in certain regions. In this article, we will delve into a survey conducted to determine the favorite foods people love and the ones they detest the most. The survey covers diverse cuisines and cultures, offering intriguing insights into the culinary world.


1. The Love-Hate Relationship with Pizza

1.1 Pizza: The Universal Delight

Pizza, with its delectable combination of crust, sauce, cheese, and various toppings, has won hearts worldwide. The survey reveals that pizza ranks among the top favorite foods in almost every region, making it the ultimate global comfort food.

1.2 The Picky Eaters Who Hate Pizza

Surprisingly, some individuals expressed a dislike for pizza. The reasons vary from lactose intolerance to a preference for other dishes. However, pizza continues to thrive as a universally adored dish.


2. Embracing Sushi: A Culinary Adventure

2.1 Sushi: A Japanese Treasure

Food ,Sushi, originating from Japan, has captured the taste buds of people around the globe. Its artful presentation and fresh flavors have earned it a place among the most loved dishes.

2.2 The Sushi Skeptics

While sushi enthusiasts celebrate its exquisite taste, some remain skeptical about consuming raw fish or have difficulty adjusting to the distinct flavors. Nonetheless, sushi remains a culinary adventure embraced by many.


3. The Allure of Chocolate: Sweet Sensation

3.1 Chocolate: A Worldwide Indulgence

Chocolate stands as a symbol of indulgence, and people from different cultures adore it. From creamy milk chocolate to rich dark variants, this beloved treat has a fan base that spans the globe.

3.2 Those Who Just Don’t Crave Chocolate

On the other hand, there are a few individuals who do not share the same affection for chocolate. Some might have allergies, while others simply prefer savory over sweet options.


4. Exploring the Enigma of Durian

4.1 Durian: The Controversial Fruit

Durian, known for its strong odor and distinctive taste, is a fruit that triggers polarizing opinions. While some consider it a delicacy, others find its aroma repugnant.

4.2 The Durian Lovers and Haters

In the survey, there were those who raved about the creamy, custard-like texture and rich flavor of durian, while others found the smell unbearable and could not get past it.



5. The World’s Love for Pasta

5.1 Pasta: A Versatile Delight

Pasta, with its numerous shapes and accompanying sauces, has become a favorite worldwide. From Italian kitchens to international menus, pasta is a global culinary sensation.

5.2 Those Who Prefer Other Carbs

While pasta lovers relish the various options available, some individuals favor other carbohydrate-rich dishes or might have dietary restrictions that limit their pasta intake.

6. The Charm of Ice Cream

6.1 Ice Cream: The Beloved Dessert

Ice cream, with its countless flavors and creamy goodness, is a treat cherished by people of all ages across the world. Its popularity remains unrivaled.

6.2 The Few Who Don’t Scream for Ice Cream

Despite its popularity, a few people revealed that they do not have an affinity for ice cream due to lactose intolerance or other dietary reasons.

7. The World’s Beverage of Choice: Coffee

7.1 Coffee: The Global Stimulant

Coffee is more than just a beverage; it is a morning ritual for many. Its caffeine kick and comforting aroma have made it a staple worldwide.

7.2 Tea Lovers: Opting for a Different Brew

Although coffee is widely appreciated, some individuals prefer tea or other beverages, citing reasons such as caffeine sensitivity or a preference for herbal options.



The survey on favorite foods people love or hate has revealed the vast diversity in culinary preferences across the globe. It highlights that while certain dishes enjoy widespread admiration, there will always be individuals with unique tastes and dietary requirements.

Through this survey, we celebrate the world’s rich tapestry of food choices and encourage an open-minded exploration of various cuisines.


1. Are these survey results representative of the entire world’s population? The survey aimed for a diverse sample, but it might not represent every individual worldwide. However, it provides valuable insights into global food preferences.

2. Can food preferences change over time? Absolutely! Food preferences can be influenced by cultural exposure, personal experiences, and health factors.

3. What if my favorite food is not on the list? The survey covered a wide range of dishes, but it might not include every single food item. Feel free to share your favorite with others!

4. Is it normal to have different food preferences in various age groups? Yes, food preferences can vary based on age, as taste buds and dietary needs evolve over time.

5. How can I be more open to trying new foods? Start by exploring dishes from different cultures or cuisines. You might discover unexpected favorites along the way!


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