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How to Fix it When the iPhone Flashlight Isn’t Working

Today the iPhone has taken the place of needing everything and a flashlight is among them that we have kept in our drawers earlier and finding it is very difficult in the dark mode. Now Flashlight is in your pocket, your hand with your iPhone. It is very useful while out in the dark like trekking or searching for anything in the dark or a bit low light environment. Accessing the flashlight on an iPhone is pretty easy even on a locked screen and you can use it when in need conveniently.

But glitches are always there and your Flashlight might not work, you are very annoyed by it.

So here we are with all the ways to resolve the iPhone flashlight not working issue. Stay tuned with us.

Ways to Troubleshoot iPhone Flashlight Not Working Issue

If you are worried about why isn’t my flashlight working, then try these solutions to fix the issue.

  • Check Camera app is Closed: The flashlight and camera app uses the same bulb, so to prevent the conflict between the two, close your camera app and try to turn your Flashlights on your iPhone.
  • Charge your iPhone:  Sometimes glitches on your Flashlight are due to low battery as your phone might not be charged enough. So, you need to fully charge your iPhone to get rid of the issue.
  • Make Sure your iPhone is not too hot:   Upon continuous working on the iPhone resulting in an increase in temperature that might hinder the Flashlight from working properly. So, let it cool down for some time and then try again.
  • Remove any screen Protector:   Sometimes, any cover or mobile case may tend to block the flash and hinders it from working. First, remove the case and then try again to use your iPhone flashlight.
  • Disable / Enable Flash on your Camera:     Disable flashlight of your camera and enable it after a few seconds, minor glitch may be resolved, and your Flashlight starts working properly.
  • Restarting your Phone:   Restarting your phone is the best solution because that might be able to remove minor bugs and you might be done with a flashlight on iPhone not working.
  • Update your IOS system:  Perhaps you have not updated your IOS version and this happens. So, update your IOS with the latest version and you might be able to get rid of the issue.

If still the problem persists, you may contact the Apple Help Support team to troubleshoot the iPhone flashlight not working.

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