Therefore, with the need to store documents, data and files in protected environments, many companies are migrating to cloud computing , and its use is becoming increasingly notorious. In addition, the cloud service is in constant evolution, that is, there is a continuous search for more security and optimization of this resource, as is the example of the multicloud environment .

Follow this reading to learn in detail what multicloud is and what are the advantages of this technology within a company!

What is the multicloud environment ?

As the name implies, multi means more than one. That is, multicloud is a computing technology consisting of more than one cloud service .

In general, a model that constitutes more than one cloud (with two or more), which may be private or public. Furthermore, the multiple clouds that make up multicloud can come from different vendors.

Why is multicloud important for businesses from different segments?

With today’s different digital and technological functions, a single supplier could not handle the numerous demands of a company. This makes multicloud an excellent alternative for multitasking a business to be performed without risk of being interrupted, without security threats, etc .

Multicloud : the IT trend

As business demands for greater digital resources increase, multicloud is becoming more of an IT trend, being considered one of the most efficient strategies in cloud computing . This occurs due to the increase in productivity and cost reduction that these multifunctions can bring to the advantage of entrepreneurs .

This is because, with technological advances making everything faster, it is expected that work routines will be optimized.

Multicloud : what are the 5 advantages and reasons to invest in multiple clouds?

When using more than one cloud for different tasks, functions and applications, the entrepreneur can have, for example, the production environment in one cloud, and the cloud test environment in another, both working in parallel. In addition, there are several other advantages and reasons to join multicloud , see:

  1. data security : the multicloud service offers much more protection for the manager and entrepreneur, since there will be more distribution of sensitive data;
  2. optimization of operational costs : with several functions being carried out in parallel by multi-clouds, productivity is increased and, consequently, costs are optimized;
  3. flexibility in resources : it is known that only cloud computing already offers several advantages in this regard, therefore, multicloud computing provides much more. This is because the functions are not restricted to only one cloud provider, but to several functions, which ends up making resources more flexible;
  4. increased team productivity : with more than one cloud working on only one resource, and the expansion of several clouds performing numerous tasks from several suppliers at the same time, consequently, there will be an increase in the performance and profitability of the business;
  5. Delivery of services and applications to the edge : essential in industries such as manufacturing, retail, and logistics, in order to achieve more efficiency, optimization of the customer experience, as well as automation, getting closer to users and physical devices.

How to implement multicloud in your company?

Before deciding to migrate to the multicloud environment , the entrepreneur or manager must have a plan, so as not to make mistakes in the choice, as well as not to waste money in the implementation of this technology. Therefore, it is important to have a plan in mind to solidify an action .

To begin with, it is essential to do a thorough research on a guarantee, security and reliability provider and, mainly, global connectivity. The manager must:

  • look for a specialized company : if implemented incorrectly, it can pose risks to the company ‘s data and information security ;
  • understand which vendors offer more efficient support for different and specific functions, resources and, mainly, for the implementation of different clouds;
  • understand how to carry out management based on financial analysis , aiming at a good investment and reducing high multicloud implementation costs , still enjoying its productivity;
  • study investments for security : ensuring good risk management and management for more effective access control;
  • search for a quality multicloud consultancy , capable of ensuring not only good security and access management, but also data protection, productivity and speed during data migration.

Why is it worth investing in multicloud in your business?

As you can see, the advantages of implementing multicloud even outweigh the complexities of this technology. However, it should be borne in mind that when having more than one cloud provider operating, the manager or entrepreneur must understand that the tasks between them must be well analyzed.

This is because, if they are poorly invested, they end up exceeding the costs for the company. In addition, the implementation of multicloud will generate changes in resources, infrastructure and operation. Therefore, it is critical that you do your research and get good advice before purchasing a package .

Now that you know how important it is and what are the different advantages of implementing the strategy, and how to implement multicloud in your company, another excellent recommendation is that the system has a specialized and consolidated IT management to administer the system. Thus, you are guaranteed to deliver satisfactory results.



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