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Team Development: A Guide to Building a Team of Excellence

What to do for your company to be successful in the market? This is one of the questions that entrepreneurs ask the most and the answer is not so simple, as it involves smart investments, strategic management and team development . Having engaged, trained employees who deliver results is one of the main objectives of any company.

This manual will give you all the information possible on how to assemble a highly qualified, motivated and excellent team. We will have tips on how to plan efficient team development work that generates results for the company.

Let’s also talk about the importance and benefits that team development provides for everyone involved, company and employees.

Team building, what is it?

The concept of team development is linked to processes and strategies for building more efficient work groups and employees, generating better practical results for the company and creating a structure that provides engagement, satisfaction and motivation for all employees of a corporation.

It’s no use for a company to have talented employees if they don’t engage and aren’t motivated by the work environment. Therefore, having a strategic planning based on team development is very important for any business that wants to prosper.

The importance of team development in a company

For a company to grow and develop in the market, there needs to be efficient work that involves investments, good management, a group of trained employees and an engaged and motivated team.

A motivated team ensures that the company operates at its maximum potential, generating productivity, increasing profits and reducing costs.

The better the team development work, the better the results obtained by the company through its team of collaborators.

A good team development work provides constant improvement, motivation, engagement and there are always loopholes to correct mistakes and enhance successes.

That is, with an efficient strategy to develop the team and collective work, the company gains much more conditions to grow, increase profits, productivity and reduce costs.

The benefits of Team Development in a company

Having efficient planning focused on team development results in many benefits for the company:

Productivity increase

A company that creates strategies to empower, train and motivate its team will certainly result in greater employee engagement, and we all know that motivated people produce more and better, thus generating better final results for the company.

Retaining talent

Where do top talents want to work? In a company that motivates them, that offers perspectives and that provides adequate conditions for personal and team development. That is, a company that performs an efficient team development work will be much more likely to retain its best talents than others that do not focus on this strategy.

Improves teamwork

It seems kind of obvious, but team development work improves collective work within a company. An organized company manages to create an efficient collaborative structure that generates improvements in production, sales, and in all sectors of the company.

More autonomy for the team

A team that is well trained, capable and motivated acquires a level of autonomy far above average, making the collective work less dependent on leaders to function. In this way, you reduce the workload of managers, who develop a much greater relationship of trust with their teams.

company growth

It is impossible for a company to grow without developing an efficient team development work, which provides continuous training for its employees, which is up to date with the practices most desired by the market and which has as characteristics creativity, engagement, motivation, commitment and disposition. .

Improved organizational climate

Team development also has the function of presenting the organizational culture of the company and the culture of the organization to its employees, and this results in improvements in the organizational climate. A team well aligned with the company’s values, mission and objectives certainly provides a healthier work environment.

Turnover reduction

If the company has a turnover of employees in excess (the famous come and go) it is because there is something wrong being done, and it can be with the team, or in the organizational culture, or in the management work.

In this way, when a company does an efficient team development work, naturally the failures will be reduced, and the turnover of employees also decreases a lot. And this leads to cost reduction, since admission, hiring, dismissal processes have different costs.

Developing a team in strategic steps

Carrying out team development is strategic for any company, regardless of its size and the number of employees it has. Of course, it is necessary to adapt the strategy to the particularities of each company, but in general the steps are the same.

Creating a relationship of trust and transparency between the company and its employees

Yes, the initial step to be taken is to build a transparency policy so that all employees know, understand, respect and obey. It is necessary that all stages of team development are placed in the clearest and most honest way, thus generating less noise and better results.

setting goals

It is necessary to have a clear definition of the company’s goals for a given period. With these defined goals, it is easier to create a plan involving qualification, training, motivation and team engagement so that the goals are met.

It is important that, at this moment, individual goals are presented, which involve all employees, and that there is an alignment with the more general goals, which involve the team and the company.

Defining responsibilities

It is necessary to understand that the team development work starts from the definition of individual responsibilities.

Each employee has a certain function within the organization and the manager must clearly present the tasks and goals that each employee has within the work environment.

Teamwork ends up being a convergence of these individual goals, which are aligned with collective and company interests.

Creating the culture of feedback

The relationship between manager and team must be nurtured through the culture of constant feedback, which must be done in a clear, polite, transparent and, above all, purposeful manner.

Each meeting can be finalized with the practice of feedback, which can be given individually, to the team, and which can also be given from employee to employee, or to the team, or depending on the need, to leadership.

Creating the culture of assertive communication

As important as creating a culture of feedback in team development is creating a culture of communication, because from a good communication plan you eliminate noise, avoiding unnecessary conflicts or easily avoidable failures.

Create strategies to have efficient internal communication with your team, either through regular meetings, or through digital tools such as podcasts, lectures, radio, knowledge pills or other strategies.

It is necessary that the communication established between manager and employees be as efficient as possible.

Establishing a growth plan

It is important to create a growth plan for both the company and its team, so that employees are motivated in the work carried out at that time.

It is somewhat discouraging for an employee to realize that he will carry out that task for the rest of his life, as the company has not created job, salary and growth plans.

It is extremely important for the manager to understand that the basis of engagement is a well-defined short, medium and long-term reward policy for the entire work team.

Planning an effective education and training program

When we talk about team development, we immediately think of the idea of ​​empowering and training your work team in the best possible way.

Of course, team development involves more possibilities and more strategies, but everything actually starts with efficient qualification and training work, carried out by management, HR or a specialized company.

Regardless of who is in charge, it is necessary to create intelligent planning on how to carry out training in the best possible way.


We saw here how strategic it is for a company to work on the idea of ​​team development. Having a qualified and engaged work group generates many benefits and carries the importance of being the forerunner of the company’s growth over time.

And you, have you ever heard of team development?


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