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Top 5 Luxurious Gift Hampers for Newborn Princesses

Gear up as your little princess is soon arriving. This life-changing moment is filled with a lot of emotions and experiences. With emotional breakdowns, baby shopping can be a lot tedious and overwhelming task. But since newborn hampers have invaded the hearts of Singaporean people, parents’ lives have become a lot easier. Also, this is the moment when parents require the most support, love, and care from their loved ones. With a precious one who has arrived and nervous parents, a perfect newborn baby girl gift hamper will cheer them up and make their day worth it.

Newborn hampers are bustling with goodness inside out. They are filled with all the must-have essentials that little babies need. Also, themed hampers are becoming trendy. From bedtime sets to bathtime hampers to animal-themed gift baskets, there are tons of options available to celebrate the arrival of your little girl. In this blog, we will take you on a journey of luxurious gift hampers for newborn princesses. Whether you are shopping for your girl or a loved one, it is sure to lighten up everyone’s day. So, let’s go on a shopping hunt to provide a warm welcome to your baby girl.

Lovingly Signed

Personalization, practicality, and cuteness! This is what Lovingly Signed promises to its prestigious customers. From captivating gifts to a beautiful newborn baby girl gift hamper, the store is the one-stop shop to grab all that you need for your little girl. Also, their beautiful packaging makes any gift look extra special. Lovingly Signed has been making occasions memorable by celebrating the birth of every baby in a unique way. Check out their collection and see what their exciting collection has to offer to your baby girl. 

Here are the top 5 luxurious gift hampers to make parents and baby girls feel special. 

Personalized Essential Bath Set:

This perfect gift set makes bath time a lot of fun and enjoyable moment for your little princess. Included in this set are the luxurious Hooded Towel and Gingham Robe. Dry your little girl with a rapid-absorbing towel after a cool bath. Also, the perfect fitting Gingham Robe will make your little girl look like a princess. Let your baby cuddle and snuggle in this premium bath set and stay warm. With a touch of personalization, nothing can beat this bathtime delight.

Personalized Bath Time, Bunny, and Comforter Snuggle Set:

Your little bundle of happiness deserves to be celebrated with the best bundle set. The Personalized Bath Time, Bunny, and Comforter Snuggle Set is a treat of joy for the baby and her parents. In this set, you will get, a luxury Pink Gingham Hooded Towel, a velvety-soft Pink Bashful Bunny, and a snuggle-worthy Bunny Comforter. You can’t come across a cuddlier gift ever. Both baby and parents will be over the moon on getting this amazing gift set.

Hospital to Home:

Take your little girl from the hospital to home and surprise her with a gorgeous gift set in soft pink color. The set includes 3 fantastic items that provide the best welcome to your little girl. Featured in this set are a loveable Pink Jellycat Bunny, a huggable Pink Bunny Comforter, and the bestselling Organic Cotton Blanket. So, let your little one hug and cuddle with her two amazing pals while wrapped in a warm and cozy blanket. Make new parents and babies feel loved with this premium Hospital to Home gift set.

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Joyful Baby Gift Set:

Want to provide a joyful welcome to your little princess? The Joyful Baby Gift Set is all set to mark this occasion memorable. Treat your little angel with four amazing goodies that will make her feel special. This set consists of a sweet little pinky Jellycat Bunny, an adorable White Hooded Towel, the softest Baby Grow, and moms’ favorite Silky Cotton Blanket. No doubt, this gift set will spread love and joy among the expanding family. 

Bashful Bunny Bundle:

Whether baby shower, birth, or first birthday, Bashful Bunny Bundle set surprises any little girl on her milestone. With this set, your baby girl will look like a gorgeous princess. Included in this set is Bashful Bunny Blanket, a charming Jellycat Bunny, and a must-have Bunny Comforter. So, for all bunny lovers, this set will make their day. Wrapped in beautiful packaging, get ready to make your occasions memorable.


The arrival of a baby girl calls for celebration. And when families come together, all they do is find the perfect newborn baby girl gift hamper to pamper the little lady. To shop all these charming yet unique gift sets, visit Lovingly Signed. Their array of personalized goods makes every event exceptional. So whether it is gender reveal or birth, Lovingly Signed has amazing gift hampers that are second to none.


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