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Try Out These 6 Puzzle Games To Drive Away Your Boredom

The legacy of the game of Sudoku is long and illustrious. Solving a Sudoku problem is a fun mental exercise for many people. Solving a Sudoku puzzle, however, may be a daunting and difficult task, especially for people who have difficulty with numbers. There are several puzzle games that can provide the same level of entertainment and satisfaction as Sudoku. It doesn’t matter if you’re good with numbers or not; everyone can find a puzzle they enjoy.

Playing these games is not only a pleasurable pastime, but also a fantastic opportunity to exercise your brain and grow in intellectual prowess. So, if you’re bored with your current games and want to try something new, these are some options to think about.

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Players who appreciate brain games like Sudoku will find a lot to like in the puzzle game Numpuz. Players exercise their logic and cognitive abilities by tapping and moving wooden tiles of varying numbers to arrange them in a specific pattern. It provides players with an abundance of opportunities to put their problem-solving skills to the test and their cognitive powers to the limit throughout its wide variety of game modes and six distinct levels of difficulty.

The rustic wooden design of the game’s interface makes it accessible to gamers of varying skill levels. In addition, players can select from multiple puzzle sizes, ranging from 3×3 for newcomers to 8×8 for veterans. Numpuz is a fun game that is great for anyone who want to challenge their wits in a low-stakes environment.


Blooklet is a great alternative to games like Sudoku, providing players with a wide selection of traditional puzzles in one place, like 1010, 2048, Make 10, and block puzzle. As such, people interested in numbers and mathematics will like the game’s analytical gameplay.
Try Out These 6 Puzzle Games To Drive Away Your Boredom


For those who prefer Sudoku-type games but struggle with math, Blockudoku is a great option. This game is like playing Tetris and Sudoku at the same time. Blockudoku is a hard and original puzzle game in which players must line up matching blocks.

Players must arrange the blocks to solve the game’s problems. And since there is no time constraint, players are free to plan their moves and execute a well-timed smash without feeling any pressure to do so.


Those who prefer puzzle games like Sudoku but struggle with numbers can find immense enjoyment in 2 For 2. In this game, players multiply two or more numbers by linking their products. Line up as many like-numbered blocks as possible to score points and avoid running out of turns.

The game’s rules and mechanics are straightforward, but it takes a good deal of strategy and calculation to win. Because of the constant need for arithmetic, this is a fantastic game for those who wish to hone their problem-solving abilities without having to memorize lengthy mathematical formulas.

Try Out These 6 Puzzle Games To Drive Away Your Boredom


If you prefer puzzle games like Sudoku but aren’t great with numbers, backgammon is a great alternative. For thousands of years, people from all over the world have been playing a version of this timeless board game.

Play Backgammon whenever and wherever you like with Backgammon Free, which features three different game types (human vs. computer and two human vs. computer) and five different levels of difficulty. Backgammon is a fun and rewarding game for people of all skill levels to play thanks to its straightforward rules and strategic nature.


DVloper created and released the Slenderina spinoff horror game Granny. To complete the game, the protagonist, who goes by no name, must solve puzzles and dodge a “Granny” for five days while locked inside a house. Even the first text adventures used inventory problems as a way to hinder players from completing their objectives, therefore the idea of a “Escape the Room” game is hardly original. The most recent iterations of these games use a point-and-click interface, giving the player as much time as they need to investigate their surroundings, gather resources, and free the hostages. While the idea of escaping via completing a difficult inventory task is central to Granny as well, this is about as typical as it gets.

Try Out These 6 Puzzle Games To Drive Away Your Boredom


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