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 A Spooky Twist on Tradition: Planning a Ghost Baby Shower

Expecting a little phantom? Put a hauntingly fun spin on your baby shower by making it ghost-themed! From invitations to décor and favors, there are lots of ways to embrace the spirit of the season. Keep reading for tips on throwing a fan-tastic ghost baby shower.

 Set the Mood with Décor

Décor is key for setting the tone of your ghostly gathering. Drape cobwebs, spiders, and bats throughout the party space. Adorn tables with candelabras, black tablecloths, and Ouija board centerpieces. For photo ops, set up a backdrop painted like a haunted house. And no ghost party is complete without a designated selfie spot featuring props like witch hats, broomsticks, and signs that say “Beware of Baby.”

 Build Buzz with Invitations

Send clever ghost baby shower invitations to build anticipation. Design them like haunted house admission tickets or Ouija boards. If sending digital invites, pick a ghoulish font and include a graphic of a stork with a witches’ hat. Give all the important details – date, time, registry info – then end by telling guests to “prepare for a frighteningly fabulous time.”

Make it a Costume Party

Encourage guests to show up in costume by noting a costume contest on the invitation. Award fun prizes for categories like “Best Ghost,” “Most Creative,” and “Funniest Costume.” The mom-to-be can get into the spirit by dressing as a pregnant ghost bride or witch. Even having people accessorize with ghostly makeup and props adds to the theme.

 Serve Spooky Eats and Treats

The food for a ghost baby shower should be creepy yet crave-worthy. Ideas include cauldron stews, chopped eyeball salad, dirt pudding with worm toppings, ghost meringues, pumpkin or bat-shaped cookies. Label everything with haunting names like “bat wing bruschetta” and “ghost toast.” Provide non-alcoholic “witches brew” cocktails and wines like “Wolfsbane Wine” and “Essence of Nightshade Spritzer.”

 Give Ghoulish Favors

Send guests home with prized party favors. Halloween motif gifts like candies, temporary ghost tattoos and nail polish suit the theme. For baby, give onesies and bibs decorated with ghosts or jack-o-lanterns. Or assemble favor bags with ghost socks, pumpkin teething rings, stuffed black cats, and haunted lullaby CDs. Anything from baby’s nursery that says “Boo!” works too.

Planning a ghost baby shower takes some extra creativity and spooky style. But with fun touches on decor, invitations, costumes, cuisine, and favors, you can throw one hauntingly hip bash. Just be ready for screams of delight from guests! For more ideas, check out this ghost baby shower  outfit.


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