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Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence Compared and the future outlook

Everything that we used to watch in the science- fiction movies is gradually getting real. You can now find robots managing the stacking tasks in warehouses, and robotic vacuum cleaners whom you just need to command just once and they will get the job done. Leave aside the robotic works, machines are now able to do creative works, for instance, generating a piece of audio music. They can write lyrics, generate tunes, and compose the entire song. Well, they can market that song by themselves as well. We can confer artificial intelligence professionals have done a great job in transforming the world so far.

But these advancements have brought a major topic of discussion as well. It is about the co-existence of artificial intelligence (AI) and human intelligence (HI) together in this small world. While human intelligence led to the evolution of AI, the latter has already started impacting so many lives in this world.

In this article, let us have a brief comparison between AI and HI and what the future looks like for both of them.  We will also discuss how you can leverage both to get started with your AI career and advance further. So, here we go.

Artificial Intelligence

·       Definition

Different technologists have given different definitions of Artificial Intelligence. According to John McCarthy (1955), “Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”, whereas Ray Kurzweil (2005) defines AI as “The ability of machines to exhibit intelligence behavior equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, human intelligence”. The scope of AI has not been clearly defined, so there is no single definition upon which we can agree.

But we can conclude that AI refers to an intelligent system that is capable of mimicking human intelligence in various traits from learning to decision-making. In recent times, they are getting more advanced to perform critical thinking as well.

·       Strengths

When we compare artificial intelligence to that of humans, they exhibit a lot of advantages that include

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Scalability
  • And consistency

The tasks that humans find repetitive, boring, and monotonous, which they take so long to do, AI can do it at a shocking speed and with unmatched TotallyScience GitLab accuracy. For example, generating a report. While a human can take 4-5 hours for this task, AI can do it in seconds accurately.

·       Applications

AI has come a long way now and has found its applications almost everywhere across all industries. Whether it is a self-driving car or voice assistance, supporting business decisions, or supporting customer support, we can find AI everywhere. This is probably why it is the best time to learn AI skills and start a career in AI.

Human Intelligence

Now, let’s talk briefly about human intelligence. It has been in existence for millions of years and still, scientists do not have a clear definition or understanding for the same. It is that superpower that has given rise to numerous world-transforming innovations, including Artificial Intelligence. Human intelligence is continuously evolving and it can be evident from the fact that a kid 70,000 years ago will be very different from today’s kids. As per scientists, our brain neurons have developed to their fullest capabilities. Depending upon the advancements in the world, its usage and applications have been developing as well.

Future of AI and HI

Professionals like AI engineers and consultants are working hard to update AI technologies. Within just 5-10 years we have seen a great transformation. Just last year, the AI market value was $136.55 billion which will be growing rapidly at a rate of 37.3% by 2030. While AI will find its application in untouched industries, it is more likely to replace humans only for jobs that require no to less human intelligence. We will be seeing more investments in this domain, more AI companies coming up, and demand for AI professionals soaring up. Therefore we recommend students and young professionals enroll in the best AI certifications and become future-ready.

Whereas we can see human intelligence will be utilized to enhance their creativity and come up with even greater innovations and inventions in the coming future.


To sum up this discussion, AI and HI are very different altogether. While humans learn from mistakes, emotions, and experiences, AI can train themselves only from data. We, humans can distinguish between good and bad, pain and pleasure, but AI needs to be trained about what is good and what is bad. Artificial Intelligence can never go above human intelligence, and therefore, the comparison of AI and HI is good only for discussion. So, embrace your skills and expertise, get certified, and leverage artificial intelligence to enhance your human intelligence.


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