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Assessing the new step of Aadhar Micro ATM

A country can develop only when all the diverse parts of the nation and its people develop simultaneously. Most Countries, in the current times, are unable to meet their developmental targets as only one segment of their population thrives. The comparison shows that the urban sectors of a nation often thrive more than the rural sectors. The people of the urban settlements often receive far more opportunities and facilities to grow, which is absent in the case of the rural population.

The Indian scenario

India has a very similar scenario where the urban settlements and parts of the nation and its people have a far greater opportunity to thrive than the rural sectors ad its population. However, the Indian government and its leadership have realized these aspects. When the national government began to work on the digitized economy project, they did spare close attention to the rural segments of the nation. In line with this thought process that Indian leaders and finance experts came up with the idea of the Aadhar micro ATM.

The concept

As the name of the project indicates, the program makes an effort to introduce mini ATMs, which will be linked to the Aadhar system of the nation, to facilitate the people and business in the Indian rural segments. The Aadhar micro ATM is an effective measure on the part of the Indian government to revitalize the rural economy of the nation and provide a boost to rural commerce and trade. Installation of micro ATMs will be a massive help for the business segment of rural India and also its general people.

Understanding the pattern

The government has proposed a program where micro ATMs will be established at the local grocery shops or the Kirana stores in rural areas. The Kirana stores or the local small-scale grocery shops will get the machines and due authority and guidance to help the general people with the working of the ATM machines. Just the ATMs operate in the urban areas micro ATMs will also work in the rural segments. However, the name and the model of the ATMs suggest that the capacity of the micro ATMs will be less than the regular ATM machines in the urban sectors. A lower value of money will be available with the ATM machines.

Normal usage

Although micro ATMs have a smaller capacity, when compared to the general ATM machines in the urban sectors, their operations are at par with the regular ATMs. You can withdraw money, deposit cash, and get bank statements, etc, from the micro ATM machines. The introduction of the mini ATMs in the rural segments has come as a boon to the general people, the business community, and the local Kirana stores that can now have a flourishing side business apart from their core business.

Easy setup

If you have a local grocery shop in your village, then you too can think of setting up one such ATM in your shop. The ATM machine price is quite affordable, and you can reap maximum benefits from setting up the machine in your grocery shop. The mini ATM machine is small and can fit into small spaces. So space crunch will not be an issue for you. Micro ATMs are very light and are easily portable from one place to another. You can shift the machine as and when needed. Experts from ATM machine vendors will come to your shop and set up the wile ting and will give you first and training in its operations.


The project we are talking about here is that of micro ATM machines, but the machine safety features are world-class. The machine manufacturing vendors ensure that complete safety is for the machine. Hence the shop precinct where the machine is installed is also safe from all breaking attempts. These machines are linked to most of the well-known Indian banks, and hence they can serve a broad spectrum of customers in the rural segment.

Easy operations

The software designing experts have kept the operations of the micro ATMS very much simple and easy. Anyone can easily handle the machine and get all the banking work done. The software has clear instructions in multiple languages for the benefit of the users. The operations are simple, speedy, and safe. Anyone can use the achiness with just some initial instructions and assistance.

Low maintenance

One of the main advantages of these micro ATMs is that they are durable, and need very little maintenance. The machine will get filled regularly for cash. Apart from this update, the ATM machine does not require much care and maintenance. Hence the local grocery stores do not need to do much for the upkeep of the machines. In case there is a problem, the Software agencies can take care of the repairs and machine adjustments. Dedicated teams of experts will come to your address swiftly if there is any trouble. All you must do, is call them and give them the correct address for your store.

A new beginning for the Indian rural economy

Since demonetization is needed for one and all in India, the drive is just as strong in the rural segments. Micro ATM machines will be a big step in this direction. Micro ATMs are a step towards stronger demonetization in the Indian rural society. Since the introduction of the mini ATMs in Indian villages, the people have been empowered to move towards better economic independence. The process has boosted local businesses, the general well-being of the general people, and several development steps in rural regions. The introduction of the mini ATMS in the rural parts of the nation is one of the main steps in the history of Indian finance for improving the financial scenario of the country.

Improvising Indian Economy

The micro ATM is a big step in equalizing the business opportunities of the cities and the villages. Now the rural and the urban sectors can grow together, and inter-exchange opportunities for a better future.

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