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Best Ways to Delete Duplicate Photos in Google Photos in 2023

Photos and image files are essential for all as we can capture our memorable moments using them. Google Photos is the ideal cloud storage that can help you store and share your valuable images with ease. While working with our image files in Google Cloud we may create duplicate photos accidentally which can occupy the limited cloud storage.

This scenario makes it significant to explore some options to identify and erase the unnecessary repeated images available from your virtual memory. Handling your photos in cloud memory will need some expert guidance as duplicate file creation can clutter your precious space. To help you in this concern we have briefed some effective methods to find and delete duplicate images available. Brace yourself to optimize your Google Photos memory.

Manual Methods to Delete Duplicate Images from Google Photos

Duplicate images in Google Photos should be removed to enhance the storage capacity of the memory. Let’s check out some manual tweaks that can help remove Google Photo duplicates.

This method may be time-consuming but can be effective if you have a countable number of duplicate photos. The following steps may help you with this concern.

Remove Duplicate Photos Using a Manual Search

Step 1: Access the Google Photos website from your device browser.

Step 2: Log in with your Google credentials.

Step 3: Browse through the images available in the cloud memory.

Remove Duplicate Photos Using a Manual Search

Step 4: Identity similar images and select the unnecessary files.

Step 5: Choose the delete option to remove the files permanently from the Google Photos storage.

Using Identical Photo Detection Option

Google can help you to remove duplicate photos from Google Photos. Identical photodetection options of Google Photos can work with your storage and remove duplicate files efficiently. This feature will check the content of the image file as well as the metadata to find duplicate photos. The choice is simple and easy to use with less manual involvement.

Find Duplicate Photos Using Search – Detect Option

Step 1: You can use the search console available in Google Photos to identify similar images with similar dates. The cloud storage search option will allow you to sort the images according to the upload date.

Find Duplicate Photos Using Search - Detect Option

Step 2: After searching you can navigate over the dates of the image file and select the one you wish to remove by clicking inside the small circle that appears.

Step 3: You can choose all the images uploaded on a particular date or up to 500 images at the max.

Using Third-Party Tools

Now that we know all the manual methods for identifying and removing duplicate images, you can use them to clear repeated images. If you want to remove your duplicate images automatically from Google Photos you can use third-party tools. These utilities will provide extensive options and functionalities as an efficient duplicate photo remover.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

If you are in search of a fast and reliable solution for finding and removing your duplicate files from Google Photos space, the Duplicate Photo Finder can help you. This utility can access your cloud storage and can seamlessly find multiple files to remove.

duplicate photo finder

It is compatible with the latest versions of Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS devices. You can scan all internal, and external storage spaces including Google Drive. This duplicate photo finder app has an advanced scan algorithm to find duplicate photos and remove them. You can preview found duplicates and remove all of them in just a single click.


  • Can help you recover cluttered disk spaces
  • Superior ability to auto-mark the identified duplicates
  • Can identify and remove duplicate images of multiple image formats
  • Can sort your photo gallery to go through and find duplicate images instantly
  • Scan all internal and external storage spaces including Google Drive
  • Compatible with all major operating systems


  • Trial version has limitations


  • Availability for all OS platforms
  • Can remove exact and similar images to clear out clutter and redundancy
  • Capable of providing categorized results
  • Faster scanning abilities

How to Use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Learning how to use Duplicate Photos Fixer can help you in several ways. Here are the steps!

Step 1: Access the Official Website and install the Duplicate Photos Fixer App.

Step 2: Launch the application from the menu.

Step 3: Choose the cloud folder that you want to scan and click on the “Scan” option.

Step 4: Scan results will be visible with a list of exact and similar photos.

How to Use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Step 5: Go through the results and find the duplicate photos to delete.

Step 6: Select duplicates you want to delete or auto-mark all of them. Hit the Delete Duplicates button to remove duplicate photos from the drive.

Summing Up

Finding duplicate photos is an essential task for all. These redundant images can clutter your cloud memory making it not usable. Learning about the tweaks essential for removing duplicate photos from Google Photos is worth exploring. To help you out, we have been briefed about all the manual methods and the best duplicate photo finder app Google Photos. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is the go-to tool when you want some efficient methods to remove your duplicate files. Use this brief to learn about the tweaks and contact us for any clarification.


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