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Boxing Gloves for Kids: A Guide to Picking the Perfect Punch

Boxing teaches young people discipline, fitness, and confidence, in addition to teaching them how to throw heavy punches. Choosing the appropriate equipment is essential for kids who want to become the next boxing champions. Boxing gloves are among the necessities that are crucial to ensuring security and enhancing performance. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of boxing gloves for kids and offer a thorough guide to picking the best set.

Boxing Gloves for Kids and Their Importance

Boxing gloves for kids are more than simply fashionable accessories; they’re made to safeguard youthful hands during drills and sparring matches. Why they are crucial is as follows:

  1. Safety comes first, particularly for young boxers. Boxing gloves provide additional padding to soften the blows’ impact and lower the danger of hand injuries.
  2. Children are especially prone to injuries since their bones are still growing. Their hands and wrists are supported by properly fitted boxing gloves, eliminating unneeded strain and harm.
  3. Boxing gloves provide good hygiene by absorbing perspiration and halting the growth of microorganisms. They also make sure that students have a comfortable grip so they may concentrate completely on their techniques.
  4. The right gloves can help kids punch more skillfully and learn the right punching skills, which can improve performance.

Various Boxing Glove Styles

  1. Training Gloves: Training gloves provide plenty of padding and protection and are perfect for beginners. They are appropriate for a variety of training exercises, including bag work, pad drills, and light sparring.
  2. Hand protection: Kids need specialised gloves once they start sparring. The padding on the gloves used for sparring is thicker to cushion blows and lessen the chance of injury to either fighter.
  3. Competitor’s gloves: Competition gloves are lighter than training and sparring gloves because they are made for official bouts. They adhere to rigid guidelines that guarantee an equal playing field for all competitors.
  4. Bag gloves: If your child typically uses punching bags for practice, bag gloves offer the required wrist support and safety.

Selecting the Appropriate Size and Weight

It’s important to choose the proper weight and size of boxing gloves for youngsters.

  1. 4-6 oz: These gloves are appropriate for young children beginning to acquire basic movements and coordination because they are made for youngsters under the age of six.
  2. 6-8 oz: These gloves are ideal for training and light bag work and are most appropriate for kids between the ages of 6 and 12.
  3. 8 oz: These gloves are frequently used by older children (12+) and can be used for sparring sessions if the child is skilled enough to do so safely.


Boxing gloves for kids are more than simply pieces of gear; they are guardians who keep young fighters safe from harm and pain while encouraging their goals. Choosing the proper size, weight, and material will improve performance and safety. Bravose has an extensive collection of junior boxing gloves. So give your budding boxing stars the ideal set of gloves, and watch their ambitions soar!


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