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Credit Cards Are a New Essential. Here’s Why You Should Get One!

Credit cards have become part and parcel of life for many. Digitalization has led to a shift towards digital payments. In a world where digital payments are getting high preference among both payers and receivers, credit card continues to be a popular choice of payment. Credit card is easily portable and can be a great companion while traveling. Th

e best part is some shops even give you discounts when you use a credit card. Moreover, having a credit card paves the way for extensive perks. As you keep using credits, keeping track of your CIBIL score is important. Note that you can check CIBIL score free from the CIBIL score app.

Read on to understand the importance of keeping a credit card in your wallet. Feel free to apply for a credit card and download the CIBIL score app to manage your credits best. 

Importance of Credit Cards

The credit card has numerous benefits. The importance is especially felt when you are in an emergency and don’t have any funds. Here is the significance of credit cards in your day-to-day life:

Access to Easy Funds

 A credit card lets you use your needed money by postponing your transaction to a specific date. It provides you with enough funds in unforeseen conditions. In case of an emergency, you will have funds available. It will ensure a healthy financial status of your account.

Sufficient Credit Score

A credit score is a powerful tool for judging your financial health. It helps you to determine which areas you need to drift your attention to raise your credit limit. You can make a minimum transaction to have a score. This score will help you to get high loan amounts with low interest. With continuous usage, you’ll be eligible for more upgrades and discounts. You will be able to ask for high credit limits from the bank, and the lender will give it to you without any second thought. The tip is to check CIBIL score free via the CIBIL score app and aim for a CIBIL score of more than 700.

Incredible Rewards

A credit card can be full of bonuses, discounts, cashback, and restaurant benefits. Loyal users are lucky enough to be eligible for these advantages. The reward policies vary for every bank. Some cards provide a reward on opting card for the first time as a welcome point. 

The other reward is cashback on certain payments and travel benefits. Some banks even send you an additional card if you are spending strategically. The best of all is the travel and restaurant rewards. The loyal gift is for the individual who is there for a  more prolonged period. SBI, ICICI, and Axis Bank are the banks that provide such bonuses.

Aid in Emergency

A credit card comes in handy in case of an emergency. Imagine a situation when no bank is there, and you are all alone. You might need an emergency purchase. In such a case, a credit card is more crucial than cash. Always keep a decent amount to your account for such a critical situation. You never know when you need that amount.

Also,  check CIBIL score free with the help of the CIBIL score app or the official CIBIL website. It is crucial to check your credit score because if your score is down, you cannot make a transaction in an emergency.

Strategize Your Spending Pattern.

The credit card continuously reminds you of your spending pattern. It notifies you whenever you make any transaction which helps you to take care of your credit score. Thanks to the CIBIL score app as you can check CIBIL score free.


Credit cards are essential these days as they allow you to make transactions even if you have no cash or balance in your bank account. Another feature that attracts many is the additional perks like bonuses and discounts that credit cards offer. Check out the available credit cards and choose a suitable one for you. Make sure to check CIBIL score free and be a healthy borrower. 


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