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Custom Mailer Boxes: An Ideal Solution For E-Commerce Businesses

E-commerce businesses surged at the time of the pandemic. It was hard for online stores to deliver products safely and soundly. Custom mailer boxes were a solution to this problem. The durability of these boxes proved beneficial for businesses. 

The customization of these custom boxes allows brands to get recognition. Delivery becomes easy with mailer boxes. Delivery of all products is possible with this packaging. This is because you can get these boxes in any size. 

Custom mailer packaging is perfect if you are searching for a reliable and secure way to deliver your products. You can show the customers what is the main objective of your brand. Mailer box style combined with customization will take your brand above all. 

What Are Custom Mailer Boxes? 

All online stores use mailer boxes to deliver their products. Companies give a personal touch to their packaging by adding their logo and other branding features. These boxes have a lid separate from the box. 

Customers can easily access their products and reuse the box. To interact with customers, you can add the creative touch of your brand to printed boxes. Products have to endure jolting and strain during delivery. Therefore sturdy packaging is necessary. 

Online Stores And Mialer Packaging

As we know, in online businesses, the only iteration of the customers with the company is via the packaging or product. If the product is of good quality, but customers get it in damaged condition, all your efforts become useless. 

To override this problem, you can use custom printed boxes in mailer style. Below are some of the characteristics of mailer boxes that make them feasible for online businesses. 

Easy To Pack 

Product packaging becomes convenient with mailer packaging. No glueing, tapping, or tucking is required when you use mailer boxes. You can significantly save time by using this packaging. 


Wholesale custom mailer boxes are economical. That is because many packaging industries provide these boxes at wholesale rates. Moreover, customizing these boxes according to a company’s requirements reduces the marketing cost. 

Easy To Ship 

Custom mailer boxes are easy to ship. You can sip your product without the protective layers. The external coatings on the boxes make them resistant to water. The inserts in the boxes also cushion the products from jolting and strains. 

Reliable And Secure 

Custom mailer packaging is reliable and secure. You can deliver your product in sound condition to the customers. Companies use cardstock and corrugated material in these boxes. Both materials are thick, thereby protecting the boxes from collapsing. 

Best Promotional Purposes 

A mailer box with attractive shades, unique but readable typography, and unique brand illustrations can be printed. When your customers post unboxing videos on social media accounts, your product packaging will engrave in people’s minds. 

Hassle-Free Box Designing 

Custom mailer boxes design is hassle-free. The surface of the box lid is entirely free. You can emboss your barn logo on the top of the box. Write a catchy quote about your product, and make a connection with your customers. 


Another feature of mailer packaging is that you can customize them in any size. For instance, you are selling cosmetics and need a medium-size box. You can order that size from the packaging industry. 

Additionally, you can add foiling on the mailer gif boxes to give it a premium look. With mailer packaging, you can effectively put your imagination on the box and increase your business. 

To Sum Up 

E-commerce companies seeking holistic packaging should get custom mailer boxes for themselves. These boxes have numerous benefits for companies and customers. 

Companies deliver their products safely and earn loyal customers. Customers get easy and catchy packaging which makes their shopping experience memorable. 


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