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Find the best IVR service providers in India for 2023

An interactive voice response system is an essential component of every company nowadays. In uncertain times, IVR systems offer 24/7 customer service. It employs programmable call flow strategies to direct customer’s enquiries to the proper person or division. The process of selecting the best IVR service provider in India is complicated. Finding a reputable IVR service provider in India requires more than a simple Web search due to the abundance of untrustworthy and negligent businesses on the market. Don’t worry here this following guide will help you to find the best IVR service providers in India for 2023:


Knowlarity is the best IVR service provider, and it is well-known for its customized interactive voice response systems, which stand out for their capacity to address callers by name and create a positive first impression on clients and consumers. You can modify the service to the user’s needs with the help of Knowlarity’s hosted IVR system. Regardless of the company’s size, the exceptionally well-organized Knowlarity IVR communication system paints a superb and expert picture of the establishment. With the help of its powerful solutions, Knolwarity’s IVR can help you streamline corporate communications while engaging your clients on their chosen communication channels and providing them with a tailored experience.

Key characteristics:

  • By connecting to several clients automatically, Knowlarity’s sophisticated multi-level IVR can manage the call volume during peak hours.
  • Personalize client encounters by addressing them by name at the beginning of the conversation and forecasting their requirements based on previous contacts.
  • While multi-level IVRs handle simple issues for faster resolutions, agents may concentrate on prospecting and resolving complex questions.
  • Callers can speak to professionals using the smart IVR solution based on the options they choose from the multi-level IVR menu.


The CallHippo offers a wide range of features and integrations. Instagram, Deloitte, Box, Adobe, and other reputable companies are among the company’s clients.

Key characteristics:

  • Each division inside the corporation can be given a special number.
  • After hours, turn on voicemail.
  • Incoming calls ought to be logged for high-quality training.
  • To play personalized music while waiting.
  • Option to receive local phone numbers from more than 50 different countries.


You may manage calls in a structured way with Ozonetel’s IVR, which has multiple levels. For alternate selection, you can use spoken words or DTMF tones. Your ability to interact with clients and keep track of discussions is made simple by the cloud-based IVR solution provider.

Key characteristics:

  • Send out personalized, after-hours, and seasonal greetings.
  • Customers can contact the correct department by choosing from a hierarchical menu.
  • To improve the resolution of customer inquiries, agents have real-time access to client profile information.
  • Even when remote agents are not signed up using browsers or mobile devices, cloud IVR routes calls to them.


An industry-leading platform called MyOperator works with some of the most well-known businesses in the nation. They offer interactive voice services and a voice system for companies.

Key characteristics:

  • Customers can dial virtual numbers.
  • A multi-tiered IVR system capable of handling several calls at once.
  • Voicemail, analytical reports, call histories, performance reports, call details, and a live dashboard are all available.
  • To enhance internal communication, use the intercom capability to transfer calls between agents.


An Exotel is another Indian business that offers interactive voice services to its clients is Exotel.  The business serves well-known clients with its services. The dashboard has a feature that allows you to add virtual numbers and allows you to create virtual numbers.

Key characteristics:

  • Any business can gain a lot from having a toll-free number, and you can get one by working with one of these suppliers.
  • To help clients with their problems, you can also enable pre-programmed automated calls.
  • A built-in feature for reviewing your business’s performance and metrics.
  • IVR customization using voice API to improve customer satisfaction.

Servetel communications:

In India, Servetel is a cutting-edge cloud-based telephone IVR service provider. It offers voice streaming, IVR-based services, toll-free numbers, virtual numbers, and more.

Key characteristics:

  • The dashboard includes both entry-level and advanced interactive voice response technologies.
  • An intuitive user interface that enables the choosing of real and virtual integers.
  • Bulk SMS services are also available for subscription.
  • With voice broadcasting, you may immediately call your clients and establish a connection.

Bottom line:

If you are looking for an affordable and effective IVR solution for your business today, Knowlarity, the leading IVR service in India, is an excellent alternative. Discover a world of seamless connectedness and productivity as you set off on a trip into the future of communication with Knowlarity.


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