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Are Gable Box With Handle The Secret to Increasing In-Store Sales?

In the competitive world of retail, businesses are continuously seeking innovative solutions to attract customers and drive in-store sales. Among the many tactics deployed, an emerging strategy that’s gaining traction is the use of unique packaging solutions like a gable box with handle. 

Printed gable boxes have gained a lot of popularity in the recent years due to the benefits they offer. They are a practical packaging solution that may work with most products. But are these boxes really the secret to boosting in-store sales? This blog will help answer this question along with many more questions about gable boxes. 

So without any further ado, let’s explore the features of gable packaging boxes that make them the perfect packaging solution for your business.

What Are Gable Boxes?

Simply put, gable boxes are stylish and convenient packaging solutions. They are characterized by their distinct, hut-like shape with a handle at the top. The handle adds convenience, making them a handy choice for consumers on the go. 

Their popularity is not just limited to the functionality they offer. They check all the boxes for the perfect packaging, whether it be visual appeal, practicality, or protection. Their aesthetic appeal makes them an excellent choice for gift packaging, attracting more potential buyers into your store.

Here are some features of a gable box with handle that make them the perfect packaging boxes  solution for your brand.

  • Enhancing Your Brand Image With Custom Gable Boxes:

By offering custom gable boxes, businesses have a unique opportunity to enhance their brand image. The boxes can be designed to align with a brand’s color scheme, logo, and overall aesthetic. This customization not only draws the attention of potential customers, but also offers an additional layer of branding. This helps increase product recall and ultimately drive repeat business.

  • Excellent Unboxing With Gable Packaging Boxes:

Gable packaging boxes are not just carriers of products; they play a crucial role in creating the customer experience. Unboxing has become an event in itself, with countless unboxing videos on social media platforms. Consumers purchase experiences, not just products. By offering your product in an attractive gable box with handle, you can enhance the consumer’s buying journey. This leads to increased satisfaction and, consequently, higher in-store sales.

  • Multi-Purpose Packaging Solution:

A gable box with handle can have multiple applications according to how you design it. For example, you can design them as gift boxes or favor boxes. The introduction of gable gift boxes and gable favor boxes in your product range could be the extra touch needed to entice customers. Whether they are looking for a thoughtful gift or a favor for a party, these boxes can provide a ready solution. This adds to customer’s convenience and your in-store sales.

  • Printed Gable Boxes To Make Your Product Stand Out:

The world of retail is a visual one. Bright colors, eye-catching designs, and unique shapes capture customer attention. Offering printed gable boxes black or white, can be an effective way to make your products stand out on the shelves. With their unique design and your brand’s artwork emblazoned on them, printed gable boxes can act as a beacon, drawing customers in and boosting sales.

  • Perfect Product Display With Gable End Boxes:

Gable end boxes, with their flat bottom and handy handle, are perfect for display purposes. Easy to stack and arrange, they provide a neat and appealing way to showcase products, enticing customers to explore your offerings.

Your product packaging along with being visually appealing should also be secure. Gable end boxes offer the protection that your products need. Their secure bottom closure ensures your products do not fall out during carrying. 

  • Offer Convenience With Gable Box with Handle:

Convenience often plays a big part in purchase decisions. Customers appreciate a packaging solution that’s easy to carry and transport. A gable box with handle perfectly fulfills this need. By offering such convenience, you can provide an additional reason for customers to purchase your products, thereby increasing your in-store sales.


The role of packaging in retail can’t be underestimated. It can enhance brand image, improve customer experience, and provide added convenience – all key factors in driving sales. Gable boxes, with their unique shape, customizability, and handy handles, can provide all these benefits, making them a possible secret weapon for boosting your in-store sales.

While it’s not the only strategy for improving sales, incorporating gable boxes into your packaging solutions is undoubtedly a tactic worth exploring. So, if you’re searching for innovative ways to increase your in-store sales, look no further than a gable box with handle.

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