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Heavy Duty Canvas Tarpaulin

heses Tarpaulins are a Heavy Duty range of Poly Cotton Canvas tarpaulins. These all-purpose covers are fabricated from a 65/35 blend of cotton and polyester, offering superior strength and water repellency over traditional cotton canvas tarps.

Our Poly Cotton Canvas tarpaulins have been treated for weather resistant protection, and are breathable.

The weight of the 12OZ Heavy Duty Canvas, or approx. 390gsm. These water repellent covers benefit from superior waterproof qualities over our traditional cotton canvas, plus superior sheet strength despite their lighter weight.

Fabricated from a natural fabric, these hardy tarps are breathable; however please bear in mind that a minimal amount of shrinkage can occur where canvas tarpaulins are subject to varying temperatures.

1. Water resistant poly/cotton canvas
2. 12OZ Heavy Duty Canvas, available in grey (7ft x 11ft in navy)
3. Alternating eyelets and loops at 8 inch intervals on all 4 sides
4. Lighter weight than traditional cotton canvas but with superior strength
5. A more eco-friendly alternative to PE tarps

Note: These tarpaulins are wax-proofed and have been dyed, and so there can be a risk of color transference upon application – please take caution. We do not recommend that these tarpaulins are suspended solely by the eyelets if using as an outdoor canopy. It is highly recommended to use a ridge line, or a couple ridge lines on larger sizes, made of rope or bungee which will help support the weight of the tarp.


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