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How Can I Fix NordVPN Netflix Not working?

It is very common for people to use NordVPN to use Netflix as the VPN allows people to access the services of other countries apart from the one that you are actually living in and accessing shows and movies that are not present in your home country. The VPN is also very useful as this does not allow the network to track the IP address of the device that you are using however, sometimes we observe that Nordvpn Netflix not working and this can be an issue as you will not be able to use the streaming service whenever you want to and this is why you can refer to the techniques that we are sharing in the guide to ensure that you can use Netflix with NordVPN. 

What to do if Netflix is not operational with NordVPN?

The main reason why the application might not be working with NordVPN is that the IP address that you were using might have been recognized by Netflix and blocked. However, since we know the answer to does nordvpn work with Netflix, you do not need to worry as there are some simple fixes that will prove to be very useful for you. 

Solution 1: Delete the Cookies of the Application 

Whether you are using the browser or the application, the cookies and the cache data of the application might interfere with the working of the application. While the data is important for streaming, sometimes they cause issues and this is why you need to remove the cookies and too much cache data that is present in your application from the Settings of your device. 

Solution 2: Use a Different Server

As explained earlier if your server has been recognized by the application, you will not be able to use the application and this is why we recommend that you change the server that you are using. You can easily open the NordVPN application to look for a server that is not being used by you currently. 

Solution 3: Alter the DNS Servers that you are using 

In order to ensure that nordvpn Netflix works effortlessly, you need to make sure that you are using the DNS servers provided by NordVPN. There are quite a few servers available that you can use. 

I am sure that there are a lot of other methods too that you can try when you are facing difficulty in using Netflix with NordVPN and this is why you can use the website Cleaner Suite to know more. 


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