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How to Draw A Sad Anime Easily

How to Draw A Sad Anime. Anime is one of the most popular forms of animation today. Produced primarily in Japan, this animation medium is popular worldwide, and you can expect to experience various stories.

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Some have action-packed stories,s while others can be sad, funny, scary or a mix of ase!

The character’s style is also very expressive and detailed, and anime expressions can convey much emotion. However, learning how to draw a sad anime character can also be a bit of a challenge.

However, it won’t be an impossible challenge, and this tutorial aims to show you that it can be easier than expected.

Our step-by-step tutorial on how to draw sad anime in just 6 steps will show you how to Draw A Sad Anime!

How to Draw A Sad Anime

Step 1

In this first step of our guide on how to draw sad anime, we will keep things simple. The facial expression will be the most difficult part of this drawing, so we will slowly approach this aspect in this guide.

First, let’s outline the hairstyle of this character.

The good news is that it’s,y as if you only have to draw a curved line to Draw A Sad Anime.

This single line serves as both the side and top of the hairdo; we’ll add more detail as we go along. Let’s go to step 2 of the guide first!

Step 2

You started outlining the hairstyle in the first step, and now you can add the details in this step of our guide on drawing a sad anime.

First, let’s draw the hair that covers the face. As usual in anime style, the hair will have several spiky sections to Draw A Sad Anime.

Use a few curved lines ending in sharp points for the different sections of hair that fall across the face.

You can try to replicate the hair exactly as it looks in our reference image by copying the lines there exactly if you are having trouble with this part.

Finally, add some thick, curved lines for her eyebrows. They are positioned in the corner of the image to represent the sad expression you are looking for to Draw A Sad Anime.

Step 3

Now we come to some of the more complicated parts of this guide on how to draw sad anime.

But don’t worry, if you follow the pictures closely, you shouldn’t have any problems!

First, you can start drawing her little ringing eyes. There is a lot of curved line detail above, and the lids droop slightly.

Next, let’s draw some teardrops falling from the eyes. These are styled as a group under the eyes and then go down in thin sections.

Once you’ve drawn those teardrops, you can complete this step by outlining the face and ears to Draw A Sad Anime.

Step 4

In this part of your sad anime drawing, you will add more facial features for her. First, we draw her nose.

The nose is drawn with a few small, simple lines below the eyes. After the nose, slightly open the mouth, creating a round shape with a small indentation in the middle.

This will now be done for her face. To complete this step, you can draw her neck and shoulders with simpler curved lines.

Then you can start with the finishing touches and details in the next step to Draw A Sad Anime!

Step 5

Now you can add the final details in this step of our guide on how to draw sad anime.

We’re going to play this character to look like his face is blushing while he’s crying, and to represent him; we will draw a crosshatch pattern just above his nose. You’re ready for the final step once you’ve drawn that blush detail! You can also add more personal information before proceeding to Draw A Sad Anime.

Step 6

You will finish with some colour in this last step of your sad anime drawing. This is a step that gives you a lot of colour freedom! In our reference image, we showed you one of the many ways to colour the image to Draw A Sad Anime.

We used a lighter brown for her hair and a matte red for the dotted lines above her nose. Anime characters often have bright, vibrant hair so you can use any colour you can think of for colouring!

Your Sad Anime Drawing is Finished!


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