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How To Fill Out Moneygram Money Order

You might be in a certain situation when you are unable to send a Cheque or Cash to your loved ones, then sending a Money order will be the best bet for you. Just like a cheque, you can send Money Order to a person distant from you which lets you send or receive money securely. Since Money orders are prepaid chances of fraud are very less. As you fill out the form of money order, money leaves your account and deposited in our desired person’s account.

This post will make you informed about how to fill out a moneygram money order. Keep reading it

How to Fill out a moneygram Money Order

Proceed to know the steps on to how to fill out Moneygram

  • Fill out the Recipient name

Once decide to send a Money order, you need to fill out the name of the person or company to whom you are paying money in the “Pay to the order” section. Fill out the full name of the person or company.

  • Add your Address

Enter your complete address in the “Purchaser’s address” field. If you are the purchaser of the money order, your address should be entered here, so that the recipient may contact you when having any issues.

  • Fill in the Memo field

Fill in the memo field, describing the purpose e of purchasing a Money order, if you are paying a bill, you need to enter the account number of the utility department to ensure, you have paid the bill for your own account.

  • Sign on the bottom saying “Purchaser’s signature” 

Finally, sign on the front of the Money order that makes it official the receiver will be able to know you.

  • Keep Receipt

After completing the steps must keep the receipt of the Money order that is used when any issue occurs.

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