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IUI Treatment Lahore | Intrauterine Insemination

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is not a complicated procedure compared to other infertility treatments. During IUI Treatment Lahore, embryologists prepare a partner’s (or donor’s) sperm sample, which is inserted directly into the patient’s uterus through the cervix using a special catheter. IUI is a type of in vivo fertilization, which means that the egg is always fertilized inside the human body, unlike in vitro where fertilization occurs in a laboratory. It is also considered one of the least invasive types of treatment.

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Who should consider IUI Treatment?

Any woman who chooses to undergo IUI should be healthy and prepared; must pass mandatory tests and examinations before starting this program. Firstly, there are no serious problems with conception.

Secondly, IUI is only possible if the woman has no problems with the fallopian tubes. Third, she should ovulate regularly. Normally, intrauterine insemination is recommended when there are problems with sperm motility. IUI facilitates fertilization and aids sperm in getting to the female egg. In certain situations, insemination is frequently advised:

  • Male infertility
  • Ovulation problems (IUI treatment along with ovulation-inducing drugs)
  • It is also a good decision for single women who may opt for donor material.

What are the Stages of IUI?

The first step always takes place at the beginning of a woman’s cycle. In this type of treatment, it is important to track ovulation, as insemination should always be done just before it. The doctor helps you with this; it is enough to visit the clinic three-four times and do an ultrasound.

When the doctor says you are ready for insemination, a sperm sample is collected and prepared. This washing procedure will not increase its quality, but it will separate the sperm from the type of seminal fluid. During insemination, sperm are injected into the uterine cavity through a very thin catheter.

The treatment just takes a few minutes, and after it is over, the woman must rest for around 30 minutes. IUI comes in two flavors: stimulated and natural. IUI can be done during your natural cycle when you are not using any medication as you are ovulating regularly and can be tracked easily. If there is no ovulation in each cycle or there are some problems with it, medications may be required. Intrauterine insemination is a fairly safe type of procedure; there is only a 1% risk of infection.

Given that reproductive clinics always meet strict disinfection requirements and the fact that insemination takes place in a sterile environment, the risk of infection is almost zero.

IUI and Possible Success Indicators:

Many factors affect the chances of a good IUI outcome. Some of these include sperm quality, morphology, and motility. Every human must have at least a semen analysis before providing material for insemination because medical staff must be sure that there are at least 3 million motile sperm cells.

Sometimes fertilization with stimulant drugs gives better results than in the natural cycle. Understandably, any woman would prefer a minimum of medication, but sometimes that can bring you closer to motherhood.

However, there are no fertility agencies that can guarantee high average success rates with IUI if a woman or man presents any issues with their reproductive health or tell you how many IUI attempts you may need to get pregnant with such a desirable baby. However, if there are no such health conditions, it can be quite an effective solution to help you become a parent.

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What Alternative choices are there if IUI doesn’t Produce a Pregnancy?

After undergoing a number of laboratory tests and examinations, the doctor may suggest trying other infertility treatment options if IUI Treatment Cost in Pakistan is not the outcome. If any problems are identified, develop an individual treatment program for each case.

You may need simple medication treatment or something more complex like IVF with your oocytes. If there are any genetic conditions in the medical history, PGD’s NGS can also be resorted to to ensure that your future baby will be completely healthy.


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