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Petite Perfection: Finding the Ideal Longchamp Glasses for Small Faces

If you have a petite face, selecting glasses can be difficult. Surely, you have to make choices and sacrifice specific patterns, such as those gorgeous huge cat eyes with an entertaining flare, but it’s also challenging to locate a frame that truly fits. And now and again, you realize yourself in the children’s section. However, the chance is not gone.

Finding the proper fit for your small face may be difficult, but if you understand what you need in your eyeglasses, many Longchamp glasses designs will look great. Continue reading to find out how to select the best eyeglasses for a tiny face.


How can you identify a small face?


Most eyeglasses seem large on you, but there are additional factors to consider for a small face. Allowing the numbers to speak for themselves is the simplest way to gain insight into the characteristics of your face.

Therefore, you must accurately measure your face to calculate your proportions. To acquire a clear picture, pay attention to the following points:

  • Cheeks
  • Forehead
  • Jawline
  • The length of the face

The “golden ratio” is the universal precise proportions calculated by dividing the total length by the breadth. The result should be around 1.6, suggesting an ideal face should be about 1.5 times taller than width.

Of course, the flawless face is a myth, yet you can employ these measurements to compare your outcomes to theirs. You have a normal face if the proportion is similar. By definition, small/petite faces have a short width and a little face length.


Tips for finding Longchamp glasses for small face


Once you’ve discovered a few pairs that satisfy the measurement standards and pass all the well-fit and aesthetic tests, you may consider which frame design will look best on your narrow face. More delicate frames, including thin acetate or metal frames, are frequently flatter on people with petite faces. Small frames match their minor features and small face shapes.

Another advantage of short frames for small faces is that they emphasize your eyes. As a result, it is recommended that you pick an acetate frame that matches the color of your eyes. It will draw attention to your eyes while also making the glasses look entirely natural on the shape of your face.


The best shape of Longchamp glasses for petite faces


Here are some suggestions to help you pick frames complimenting your face shape. Use this helpful guide to determine your facial shape.


  • Oval Faces 

Small frames can make your face look disproportionately long. Look for taller frames, such as square or round eyewear frames.

Thicker eyeglasses frames with larger lenses or attractive embellishments will help to make your face appear wider.


  • Short Faces

Tall frames would make your face appear suffocated in the spectacles. Choose shorter frame forms such as rectangles or ovals. Avoid choosing oversized or aviator frames. These would draw attention to the small face shape.

Please don’t go with the extra-thick or dark frames because they may make your face appear even smaller.


  • Pear face shape

Choose frames with a thicker top, like browline spectacles.


  • Round face shape

We propose more angular Longchamp glasses frames with many characters for round faces, like cat eye frames. Square frames in solid colors can give you a confident image.


  • Square face shape

Coordinate a square face with oval or round frames for a gentler look, as they are the opposite of round face shapes.


  • Diamond or heart face shape

Lower the emphasis from the sharp chin with browline spectacles or traditional cat eye frames.


When selecting glasses for tiny faces, the two most significant factors to consider are the shape of your face and the lens index. The characteristics of your prescription determine the lens index; the stronger the prescription requires, the higher the index. Inquire with your eye doctor about the optimal lens index for your strength.

Properly fitting glasses ensure that your corrective lenses fulfill their job. Your eyes should be centered in the lenses to ensure clear vision. Positive prescriptions lead to larger-looking eyes. As a result, persons with strong prescriptions must be cautious about appearing “bug-eyed” due to thicker lenses.

However, strong negative prescriptions may result in the lenses extending out from the sides of the frames. Avoid rimless Longchamp eyeglasses frames for tiny faces to help alleviate this combination of features. Thinner lenses that lessen the magnification of the eye could be an option for strong prescriptions. Plastic frames will assist in concealing the thickness of strong negative prescriptions.


Bottom line


One final consideration before deciding on a pair of Longchamp glasses for petite faces is where they will sit on your face. Ensure the frames sit on your nose bridge, not your cheekbones. The frames should not move when changing facial expressions for the proper glasses fit.

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