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made to measure suits near me


Wardrobe stands among the world-class brands. We have had years of expertise in crafting suits for elite clients; including royals, politicians, celebrities, and influential figures as well as for Savile Row, London.

We are looking forward to reform the impression people have towards traditional tailors through a revolutionary image of professional master craftsmanship tailoring.

We aim to revolutionize the traditional tailoring environment, Wardrobe is shaped and nurtured by generations of experts. Our focus is primarily contemporary bespoke and made to measure that we live with legacy to inspire the greatness of master craftsmanship tailoring, contemporary design, fine detailing and precise perfection among the urban gentlemen.

black and white checks suit

“Wardrobe is a fusion of classic fashion and modern trends that breathes distinct life and comfort into each masterpiece creation for the urban men of today.”

Lim Fang Heng
-CEO of Wardrobe-

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