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OwnWebServer Review: Unveiling the Power of Superior Web Hosting USA

When it comes to choosing a reliable web hosting provider, OwnWebServers stands tall as a reputable name in the industry. With a myriad of hosting options, stellar performance, and top-notch customer support, OWS has earned its place as a preferred choice for countless website owners and businesses worldwide.


In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the features, benefits, and overall performance of OWS to help you make an informed decision for your web hosting needs.

I. Hosting Options and Features:

OWS offers a range of hosting solutions catering to different requirements:

Shared Hosting: Perfect for small to medium-sized websites, OWS shared hosting plans boast excellent performance, free daily backups, and advanced caching.

Cloud Hosting: This scalable and fully-managed cloud hosting solution guarantees optimal performance and resource allocation, ensuring your site stays online even during traffic spikes.

Dedicated Servers: For high-traffic websites and resource-intensive applications, OWS is  cheap dedicated servers offer unparalleled power, customization, and security.

WordPress Hosting: OWS is renowned for its WordPress expertise, providing managed hosting optimized for speed and security, with automatic updates and daily backups.

II. Blazing Fast Speed:

One of OWS standout features is its remarkable loading speed. Thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies like SSD drives, NGINX server setups, websites hosted on OWS experience lightning-fast loading times, which significantly impacts user experience and SEO rankings.

III. Unmatched Reliability:

OWS commitment to providing a reliable hosting environment is evident through its proactive server monitoring and innovative server downtime prevention mechanisms. Their unique “account isolation” technology ensures that one poorly performing website does not affect others on the same server.

IV. Top-Notch Security:

Security is a top priority at OWS. They employ advanced security measures, including account isolation, real-time server monitoring, automatic updates, and free SSL certificates. OWS web application firewall (WAF) protects against various online threats, ensuring your website remains safe from malicious attacks.

V. Exceptional Customer Support:

OWS is renowned for its exceptional customer support, available 24/7 via live chat, phone, and ticketing system. Their highly skilled and friendly support team promptly addresses issues, providing expert assistance for any hosting-related queries.

VI. User-Friendly Interface:

Navigating OWS user interface is a breeze. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, you’ll find their cPanel-based interface intuitive and easy to use. The interface offers a wide range of tools and features, making website management and configuration hassle-free.

VII. Free Website Migration:

OWS offers free website migration by their expert team, allowing seamless transfers from other hosting providers without any downtime. This service is a huge relief for those who want to switch to OWS without the technical hassle.

VIII. Data Centers and Global Reach:

OWS  maintains data centers in strategic locations across the world, including the USA, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions. This global presence ensures fast loading times for visitors from different geographical locations.

IX. Staging Environments:

OWS staging feature lets you create a replica of your website for testing and development purposes. This allows you to make changes and updates without affecting your live site.

Are you looking unlimited web hosting?

Unlimited web hosting has become an enticing option for website owners seeking a hosting solution without worrying about resource limitations. In this type of hosting, service providers offer unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, databases, and more, promising unrestricted growth and flexibility for your website.

The main advantage of unlimited web hosting is the freedom it provides to scale your online presence without constantly monitoring resource usage. Whether you run a small blog or a large e-commerce platform, unlimited hosting ensures you can expand your content, visitor base, and data storage without interruption.

When choosing an unlimited web hosting provider, it’s essential to consider factors beyond just unlimited resources. Look no further than OwnWebServers reputable company with a strong track record in uptime, performance, and customer support.

OWS is a reliable web hosting provider with a wide range of hosting options to suit different needs. Their reputation for solid performance, user-friendly features, and excellent customer support makes them a popular choice among website owners and businesses looking for reliable hosting solutions.


In conclusion, OWS undoubtedly lives up to its reputation as a superior web hosting provider in the USA. With a wide range of hosting options and features designed to cater to various needs, OWS offers a robust platform for website owners and businesses alike. Its blazing fast speed, unmatched reliability, and top-notch security measures make it a preferred choice for those seeking high-performance hosting solutions.

Furthermore, OWS exceptional customer support adds immense value to their services, ensuring that users receive prompt and expert assistance whenever needed. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, OWS user-friendly interface and free website migration service make the hosting experience hassle-free and convenient.


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