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Plan birthdays with our best-selling chocolate cakes

Cakes and birthdays always go together. And, when it’s time to celebrate birthdays, chocolate cake is always the most popular choice. A delicious chocolate cake is necessary to make birthday parties happier. Homemade or store-bought chocolate cakes make everyone happy at birthday parties, no matter how old they are. Chocolate cakes are the most popular birthday presents bought online to say happy birthday to someone special, close friends, family, or relatives.

Choose between a basic chocolate cake with candies, a chocolate mousse cake, or a chocolate pie to create a wonderfully enchanting evening. Everyone loves the taste and it makes the parties even more enjoyable.

Bloomsvilla offers a variety of delicious chocolate cakes for birthdays that can be delivered across India, helping you create special memories. So, make your loved ones happy on their birthday by sending them a cake via same day or at midnight cake delivery to their house. Check out our delicious selection of chocolate cakes to make upcoming birthdays extra special.

A cake made of chocolate and marble weighing half a kilogram.

Very chocolatey and even more chocolatey, your close friend would feel overwhelmed by the taste. The delicious chocolate marble cake is a sweet and buttery dessert that is perfect for celebrating birthdays. The marble cake combines the delicious taste of vanilla and chocolate, which is why it’s called a marble cake. Enjoy this amazing treat on your friend’s birthday by send cakes online. Get the cake delivered on the same day or at midnight for a celebration that you will always remember.

Half a kilogram of Chocolate Cream Gateaux Cake.

Here’s another delicious kind of chocolate cake to make a birthday celebration even sweeter. The Chocolate Cream Gateaux Cake by Bloomsvilla is made fresh, so you can enjoy the wonderful smell when you cut it during the celebration.

Carmell Chocolate Cake  – made with caramel and chocolate flavors.

The smell of chocolate and caramel would make you feel good. The birthday person would always want more and more. Attracted by the delicious smell, people would want to eat another piece of the cake. Bloomsvilla will bring a cake to your door, making it easy for you to surprise your loved ones on their special day. Get a cake delivered to your loved one’s doorstep on the same day or at midnight and give them a pleasant surprise on their birthday.

Delicious, rich chocolate cake 

Freshly made, the yumminess of traditional vanilla and unique chocolate would make the birthday person extremely happy. Fantasy Chocolate cake is the perfect choice for celebrating a very important day in our lives. The smell of the cake will surprise and impress the person who is blowing out the candle. You can order a special birthday cake online and have it delivered at midnight to surprise your loved ones.

Too much chocolate cake.

Even someone who is watching their diet would not feel bad about eating this deliciously sweet Excess Chocolate Cake. Children, adolescents, and even young adults desire an increasing amount of it. This chocolate cake is very chocolatey, tasty, and moist. It will be a real treat for your taste buds. If you want a cake to surprise your friend on their birthday or for a romantic celebration, the Excess Chocolate Cake is a delicious choice.

Look like a rose flower and is made with chocolate. 

Are you thinking about telling someone how you feel on their birthday. Let the special Rose Design Chocolate Birthday cake help make it special. Tasty, healthy, and really enjoyable, the cake can be a great way to show love to someone you care about the most. This could also be a great present for your mom on her birthday. Plan a surprise birthday celebration for your loved ones by having a delicious cake delivered to their doorstep at midnight. If you forgot an important date, you can order something to be delivered on the same day and make the occasion more exciting.

Belgian Chocolate Cake 

A delicious and irresistible chocolate cake from Belgium is a great choice to celebrate your loved ones’ birthday. The chocolate smell and yummy taste will not only make you happy when you have a sweet tooth, but it will also make celebrations more enjoyable. Giving this birthday cake as a present will make the person receiving it very happy and joyful. You can order and send this yummy chocolate birthday cake online. It can be delivered to your loved ones either at midnight or on the same day. 

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A cake with chocolate and fruit flavoring.

If you like a yummy combination of fruits and chocolates, you will really like this tasty fruit cake with chocolate. Delicious chocolate cake with fresh fruits of the season on top will provide a perfect balance of sweetness and crispiness. The cake is made and delivered on the same day and at midnight for a special birthday that everyone will always remember.

At Bloomsvilla, a popular online cake shop, you can pick from many yummy chocolate cakes for birthdays and get them delivered on the same day or at midnight. Our new cakes that have just been made and our fast online delivery service will make birthday parties more enjoyable.


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