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QuickBooks Desktop Conversion Tool: Steps to Download

QuickBooks Desktop Conversion Tool is a feature of QuickBooks that allows you to convert the company file. With the help of this tool, you can convert from QuickBooks 2017 to QuickBooks 2018 or any other version like Pro 2018 or QuickBooks Desktop enterprise solutions 18.0. You can convert the company files without any data compromise, which is an advantage of this feature. All this is done without changing the current or existing data files. Also, this will help you to understand the current condition of the business. In this blog, you will get information about how you can download and convert using Quickbooks Conversion Tool.

If you find the process hectic to execute yourself, you can make it easier with the help of experts. We can help complete the process efficiently. Dial +1(855)-738-0359 and get in contact with our advisors, who are experts at QuickBooks Conversion Tool.

Let’s Understand What Can Be Converted With Quickbooks Conversion Tool

There are different kinds of data that can be converted using the said tool.  Some of the information that you can covert using the conversion tool is:

  • Account, 
  • Employee 
  • customer and 
  • vendor information

How can you download the QuickBooks Desktop Conversion Tool?

These are the steps you can use to download the conversion tool : 

  • First, you need to download the QuickBooks conversion Tool.
  • Open the folder where you have saved the QuickBooks Conversion Tool file.
  • Now right-click on the icon of the QuickBooks Conversion Tool icon and then from the open options, click the properties option.
  • Under the Compatibility mode, check the checkbox to run this program in compatibility with Windows 8. You need to click Windows 8 even if you have Windows 10 as the operating system on your PC. Later you have to click the ok button.
  • Right-click the file named QuickBooksConverstionToolSetup.exe, then click the Run as administrator from the appeared option

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How to convert from Quicken to QuickBooks

You can use the steps below if you want to convert from Quicken to QuickBooks:

  1. After downloading the QB conversion tool, launch the Quicken converter and then hit the next button.
  2. Afterward, you need to click the launch Quicken Converter and click finish button.
  3. Then you will select the option that says I am transferring data from Quicken to Windows, option and then click on the Get Started option on the screen.
  4. Now you will choose to open a file, click on the option, and select open a data file located on this system.
  5. Next, you need to browse the file; for this, click on the Select the File tab. Then click convert and press the OK button.
  6. Click on the save button and then on the exit button. Your Quicken file will not be upgraded.

Once these steps are done and your file is upgraded to a compatible version of Quicken, You can launch QuickBooks and then start the conversion by using the conversion utility option.


We have given you the step to download the conversion tool, but if you think it would be hectic to finish it yourself, we can help. Dial +1(855)-738-0359 and we will assist you with the QuickBooks Desktop Conversion Tool process and will resolve any queries you might have about it.

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