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A Safe Solution to Batch Print TGZ Files to PDF

Introduction: Do you want to back up your TGZ mail to PDF format but are having trouble finding the right method to do so? Then there’s no need to panic, as we’ll provide a practical method for saving TGZ’s email as an Adobe PDF in this blog. Exporting TGZ to PDF format and doing it with attachments is not an easy job. However, using this thorough tutorial to back up TGZ’s email to a PDF file would let users store TGZ’s mail in PDF format without having to change any data.

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No matter what operating system or piece of hardware is being used to read the files, PDF files electronically show documents. Users wish to Print TGZ files to PDF in large numbers. There can be many causes for such a circumstance, after all. One of the most important ones is that PDFs offer numerous methods of access control to safeguard the entire document, including watermarks, digital signatures, and passwords. Even forensic investigators employ PDFs to extract important email data from inaccessible mail files.

Because PDF files can be password-protected, many business professionals have switched over to using them to shield their data from hackers. Additionally, PDFs are utilized as evidence in court to resolve legal disputes. So without further ado, let’s look at a trustworthy TGZ to PDF solution that makes it simple to save Batch Print TGZ files to PDF.

Why Save TGZ Emails to a PDF Format?

Numerous factors urge users to save TGZ’s email as a PDF file. When it first came out, TGZ Desktop was a commonly used email client program. However, as a result of certain current problems, customers are requesting that TGZ be exported to PDF. Why, though, only PDF? Let’s have a look!

  • Convenient – Anyone can easily produce, read, and use PDFs. No matter what program, hardware, or operating system is used to view it, a PDF file always shows the precise data layout. To view PDF files, almost all devices come with built-in applications.
  • The format, PDF, allows for the simple compression of an almost infinite quantity of information into a small, portable file size without sacrificing image quality. When sharing a PDF, the format stays the same across all platforms.
  • Secure: When using PDF files, your documents are secure since you can use a password to prevent them from being edited, copied, or printed.

How to Save TGZ Emails to PDF Step by Step:

WholeClear TGZ to PDF Converter is a quick method for exporting TGZ emails in PDF format together with any attached files. The program can backup print numerous TGZ files to PDF format with an identical email structure and folder hierarchy, therefore there are no file size constraints. Use this detailed procedure to back up TGZ’s email to Adobe PDF.

  • To save TGZ’s email as a PDF file, download and install the conversion program.


  • Using the Add Files and Add Folder options offered on the left side of the program panel, choose one or more TGZ files.

  • The program will instantly load all emails, contacts, and calendars on the software panel after you choose folders. Enable the checkbox for the necessary TGZ data to view the preview of TGZ emails.


  • Select PDF from the list of file-saving options to begin the process of saving Zimbra email as an Adobe PDF.
  • To arrange the data, select the preferred file-naming choice.
  • Choose a place to save the output data after conversion. By using the change button, you can explore a necessary path.
  • Once you click the Convert tab, the program will begin exporting all databases and emails from Zimbra to PDF format. A completion message is displayed once the conversion is complete.


  • The utility opens the resulting data folder automatically after saving the Zimbra email to PDF Adobe.

I’m done now! This method effectively saves Zimbra’s email in PDF format in a matter of seconds. Without any technical assistance, this change can be completed. Therefore, even a beginner user can easily export Zimbra to PDF.

Effective Zimbra Converter Features

The best way to save Zimbra’s email in PDF format with all attachments is to use a conversion tool. Let’s now examine some of its key characteristics.

  • Independent tool for conversion – With the aid of this program, you can save Zimbra email as a PDF file and read, open, and print the information without having to install the Zimbra client on your computer.
  • Advanced Preview Option – Before beginning the process of saving Zimbra email as a PDF, the Zimbra converter offers a distinct preview option to inspect TGZ mail data.
  • Batch export Zimbra messages – The program enables you to batch convert several Zimbra files or folders to PDF format without losing any data.
  • Transfer Zimbra with attachments – During any step of the conversion, this tool does not change the mailbox or the attachments. Zimbra email with the appropriate attachments can be safely saved as a PDF Adobe document.
  • Maintains Original Folder Hierarchy – The tool makes care to keep the email properties of Zimbra mailboxes, including Sender/Recipient information, Subject, photos, hyperlinks, font style, etc.
  • User-friendly tool – The program to save Zimbra email as PDF includes a straightforward graphical user interface (GUI), which enables users to save Zimbra communications to PDF format without requesting expert assistance.

No, you are aware of the features that make this product the greatest converting tool. But why has exporting data from Zimbra to PDF become so important?

Author Last Word

We’ve covered how to bulk save Zimbra email to PDF in the paragraph above. Zimbra Converter is an all-in-one tool that professionals have created because there are no manual ways to export Zimbra to PDF. All Windows OS versions of the utility operate without any issues. Additionally, the software’s free trial version can be used to test it out. The first 25 items from each TGZ folder can be saved in PDF format in the sample version. Purchase the complete pro version of TGZ to get unlimited email migrations to PDF.


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