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State.io Gameplay

Playing strategy games is usually enjoyable due to the fact that they are primarily a contest of one’s wits, tactics, and power. Playing strategy games will always be fun for you, regardless of whether you are engaged in a war against another player, another team, the computer, or both. You might want to check out State.io by Casual Azure Games, which is a straightforward yet entertaining strategy game. It’s an online multiplayer game where the objective is to completely take over all of your opponent’s lands.

To accomplish this, simply deploy your troops into the region of an adversary and dominate the population there. Although having more power is often considered to be advantageous in combat, it won’t matter all that much in this game. Let’s continue our conversation about this state.Read this io review to see why power doesn’t really mean all that much in this game and why it’s still fun to play.

State.io Gameplay

Let’s start by going over the gameplay of State.io in greater depth so you can understand why this game is so engaging. The primary goal of the game is to completely subjugate all of the territories, even the land that belongs to your opponent. Simply dispatching your army to the region you intend to take over is all that is required to accomplish your goal. Simply ensuring that you have sufficient troops to completely dominate the land is required in order to conquer it.

State io Game


Each territory will be assigned a number, which will stand for the number of troops protecting that territory. In addition to this, a number that represents your forces will be assigned to your zone. Every region, whether occupied by a player or the computer, will experience a steady expansion of that entity’s military presence. The number of troops in neutral regions won’t increase until those territories are seized. As soon as you withdraw your forces from the area, the territorial total will be reset to zero. On the other hand, the total number of soldiers will continually increase. Therefore, the time before your territory has zero troops present will pass quite quickly.

However, because to the low number of inhabitants in your region, it is susceptible to being overrun by other players. Because of this, it should be clear to you that power does not play much of a role in State.io. If you do not have the appropriate strategy, it does not matter if you have the most men on the battlefield; you could still end up losing the battle.

In this State.io review, now that you have an idea of how engaging the gameplay is, let’s talk about both the positive and negative aspects of this strategy game.

What’s Good About State.io

In this section, we’ll have a more in-depth conversation on the positive aspects that State.io has to offer. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the factors that make playing this game so enjoyable and engaging for you.


Probably one of the aspects of State that you are going to come to like.io predicts that strategy will be more important than power going forward. Because of the nature of the game, your mental capacity and ability to devise effective strategies will both be put to the test. You will also have the opportunity to determine whether or not your plan is sound, seeing as how it is the one that will ultimately lead to your success.

As power is the primary focus of the vast majority of strategy games, this particular element is typically absent from most of them. The player who has the greatest power will, in the vast majority of cases, emerge victorious. However, this is not the case with State.io because a sound plan can help you achieve victory despite having a limited amount of combat strength.


You will like State.io for a number of reasons, one of which is that it is a really straightforward and easy game to play. The majority of strategy games have a high learning curve, and in order to become a competent player, you will need to put in a significant amount of play time. The ins and outs of playing this strategy game won’t have to be figured out by you for a particularly extended period of time. It won’t take long for you to get the hang of the gameplay and start formulating your own winning strategies.

State.io Gameplay

 source: Snow Rider 3D

In this game, you do not need to be concerned with the kind of troops you are using, nor do you need to concentrate on developing them or constructing your base. The only things you need to know are how to make effective use of the number of troops you have and how to quickly take control of new territory.

The Bad Thing About State.io

Obviously, not everything there is to know about the state.Io is a good thing. There are also aspects of the game that can be enhanced in order to make it a more enjoyable experience for players. In this review of State.io, we’re going to look at two of the game’s flaws, both of which pertain to its strategy.


The fact that the gameplay may become incredibly repetitive, especially as you progress through the game and reach higher levels, is most likely State.io’s most significant flaw. Playing the game for the first time is exciting and engaging because everything is brand new. When you get to the higher stages, though, you’ll realize that you’ve been fighting on the same map over and over again. Playing against the game’s artificial intelligence (AI) can also get tedious because it’s possible that they’ll just keep using the same methods over and over again.

It would be awesome if there was a greater variety of content available, such as additional maps, alternative techniques utilized by the AI of the enemies, and much more. If you did that, playing the game would be a lot more exciting.


The fact that State.io may be played for free also means that it is littered with advertisements. When you’re trying to play the game, this could get on your nerves. Even purchasing the premium version does not actually get rid of these ads. Therefore, the developers of the game need to improve that particular vexatious facet of the game.


When we consider the way State.io is played in addition to the aspects of the game that are both positive and negative, we can safely say that it is an enjoyable experience. There is need for improvement in certain areas, such as increasing the amount of variety offered and taking action against the intrusive advertisements. In spite of this, State.io is an engaging game that anyone can look forward to having fun with. On the other hand, its negative aspects are not so easily dismissed. Because of this, in this assessment of State.io, we are only able to award it 3.5 points out of a possible 5. Based on our evaluation of the game, we are awarding it a score of 4 out of 5.


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