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Steps to Perform QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table Update

QuickBooks Desktop is an accounting application that provides various tools and features to its business users. One of the many features of this application is QuickBooks payroll, which is used to undertake employee-related activities. But sometimes errors can occur while running the payroll feature due to issues with the tax tables. For example, you need to update the QuickBooks payroll tax table update to fix this issue and run QuickBooks successfully. This blog will provide you with the detailed procedure to successfully perform QuickBooks tax table updates.

If you are having trouble while performing the procedure or are unable to update the QB tax tables, you can call us at +1(855)-738-0359 to get direct assistance from our QuickBooks experts.

Prerequisite for Updating the QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables

Before updating the QuickBooks payroll tax rates, you need to know the version of your current tax tables. To find that, you can follow the steps given below before performing the updates –

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop, and from under the Employees tab, select the My Payroll Service option to access the info.
  2. Click Tax Table Information and note down the first three numbers displayed under the “You are using tax table version” section to check your current version.
  3. If you are already using the latest tax table updates, then the tax table information section will display the number as 10929004, and if you are not getting 109 at the beginning of the numbers, then it means your tax tables are outdated.

QuickBooks Latest Tax Table Download: Ways to Perform the Update

Once the current tax table version is identified, follow the steps below to successfully verify the tax table update in QuickBooks.

  1. If your automatic updates are turned on, then QuickBooks Payroll will automatically download and install the most recent updates of tax tables on your PC.
  2. If you want to manually update the tax tables, then open QuickBooks Desktop, and from under the Help tab, click Update QuickBooks to go to the Update Now tab.
  3. Under the Update Now tab, click Get Updates to download the latest tax table updates, and after the updates are successfully downloaded, restart your computer.
  4. If you are using QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, or Accountant version, then you need to follow their specific process to download the Latest Payroll Tax Tables successfully.
  5. Similarly, QuickBooks Enterprise 2019 users can get the latest updates of payroll tax tables by using the specific steps for the QB version.
  6. Lastly, once your system restarts, check if the downloaded updates are correctly installed, and the QB payroll process is running without errors.


The QuickBooks payroll tax table update process can be easily performed using the steps in this blog. If you are facing issues while updating the tax tables, you can call us at +1(855)-738-0359 to get professional help with the same from our dedicated QB team

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