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The Best Cbse High Schools In Pune And The Fee That They Charge

Pune is rightly referred to as the Oxford of India, on account of its great legacy of being home to some of India’s finest schools for more than a hundred and fifty years. It’s not for nothing that people from across the country want to get their children to study at a Pune school. In this article we shall look at some of the best known high schools in Pune and find out what CBSE school fees are like.

Some Of The Best Known CBSE High Schools In Pune

1. Global Indian International School, Pune

Global Indian International School Pune is one of the best known CBSE high schools in Pune. It offers a world class pre nursery to grade 12 education to its students, offering them access to the much acclaimed Global Montessori Plus and CBSE curricula. Both its Balewadi and Hadapsar campuses boast state of the art facilities in line with the best anywhere. The teachers too are out of the top drawer.

GIIS Pune is known to provide a holistic 21st century education to its students enabling them to learn, grow and develop in a manner that makes them achievers at whatever they take up in life. This is quite evident from the fact that they excel at both academics and sports. 

Their track record with regard to securing admission to some of the best schools and colleges anywhere too is exemplary.  The annual CBSE school fees at the Balewadi campus ranges from Rs. 1,11,160 for grade 1 to Rs 1,45,360 for grade 12.

2. Orchids-The International School, Pune

Orchids-The International School, Pune is one of the leading pre nursery to grade X CBSE schools in the city. It is known for its world class infrastructure as well as outstanding teachers. With a healthy student-faculty ratio of 1:24, the school is known to provide individual attention to every child allowing them to learn, grow and develop to the best of their abilities. 

Every child is encouraged to excel at both academics and extracurricular activities ensuring that their growth is holistic, thereby preparing them to be ready for life in all its complexities after they complete their education at the school. It is not surprising that the school boasts an excellent track record in academics as well as extracurricular activities. 

Above all the school shapes the vision of the students in a manner that allows them to grow their aspirations and achieve super success in life. The total grades 6 to 10 fee charged by the school is Rs. 1,26,000.

3. Crimson Anisha Global School, Pune

Crimson Anisha Global School, Pune is another one of the very well known nursery to class 12 schools in the city providing world class CBSE and Cambridge education to its students. It boasts a well appointed campus and outstanding teachers who ensure that every child learns, grows and develops in a very holistic manner. 

The 12:1 students teacher ratio in the classrooms ensures individual attention and mentorship to each child allowing them to grow to the best of their abilities. The students who complete their education at this school are known to excel at whatever they take up in life. 

Everything about the school from its academic performance and the ability of its students to secure admission to the very best schools is exemplary. The total fee charged by the school for new admission to grade 12 is Rs.100,000.

4. BK Birla Centre for Education, Pune

BK Birla Centre for EDucation is a leading residential boys in the city offering world class education from grade 1 to grade 12. The school boasts a well appointed sprawling acamous and its teachers are out of the top drawer. It offers the students to hone their linguistic capabilities alongside their core subjects by offering them the chance to learn French. 

The school provides boarding facilities to students from grade 4 onwards. It is also well equipped with IT facilities given the digitization of education worldwide. The school provides a holistic 21st century education that lays appropriate stress on both sports and academics. 

BK Birla Centre for Education boasts a fine academic track record with its students going on to receive education at some of the best colleges and universities anywhere. The total amount of money to be paid at the time of confirmation of  admission to classes IX to XII is Rs.1,95,000.



Pune schools are deservedly considered to be amongst the best in the country. These comprise all types including government run ones and private international ones. The schools that follow the CBSE. Cambridge and International Baccalaureate curricula are the pick of the lot and the ones described in this article are amongst the leading CBSE ones. One can put one’s child into a school that best suits his or her requirements.


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