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The reasons for short, thin lashes

1. Genetics

Your parents will determine the length of your lashes, which may be either long or short. If one of your parents has long lashes and the other has short ones, then you have a significantly better chance of inheriting the long lash feature than if both of your parents have short lashes. Long lashes are the dominant characteristic. If, on the other hand, we receive the two genes that are recessive for shorter eyelashes from either one of our parents or both of them, then our eyelashes will be shorter and thinner. but now you can buy careprost for thicker eyelashes.

Research has indicated that there is a considerable variation in the morphology and growth features of lashes between Caucasian and Asian (particularly Korean) female eyelashes. Particularly, the study compared the morphology of lashes to that of Korean eyelashes. In general, Asians have fewer eyelashes than Caucasians do, but the eyelashes that they do have tend to be thicker than those of Caucasians. In addition, Asian lashes are more likely to be straighter and have distal ends that point downward, while Caucasian lashes are more likely to be sharply curled and have distal ends that point upward.

2. Harshly removing makeup or leaving it on for too long

Scrubbing and rubbing your face while attempting to remove makeup may easily cause damage to your lashes at the same time. When pushed against vigorously, lashes, which are comprised of very fine hair, may readily dislodge from their follicles.

Because mascara works by making eyelashes more rigid, if you sleep on your face and press your eyelashes against your pillow, they are more likely to break because they are already more brittle thanks to the use of mascara.

3. False eyelashes

The adhesives and removal chemicals that are used on false lashes may cause inflammation in the eye. False lashes are a common cause of eye irritation. In addition, removing the synthetic lashes might result in the loss of some of the natural lashes as well.

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Lash tints can induce allergic responses on the lids, which may result in the loss of lashes. In addition, the use of mascaras for an extended period and regularly is linked to damage to the lash cuticle. Furthermore, removing mascara requires rubbing, which may cause lashes to shed more readily. It is important to keep in mind that using eyelash curlers, whether heated or not, may cause damage to lashes and cause them to shed.

4. Psychological

When you are under an extreme amount of mental or emotional strain, you may notice that your eyelashes are losing their hair. Telogen effluvium is a type of hair loss that can result from a variety of conditions, such as physical illness, emotional stress, or even a traumatic event like surgery. Because of the stress, a greater number of the eyelash hairs than usual will enter the “telogen,” or resting phase, of their development cycle, which will result in your having thinner eyelashes.

Trichotillomania is a condition in which there is an overwhelming impulse to pluck out one’s hair. This disorder is the second cause of hair loss. This persistent tugging of the hair results in pleasure or relaxation, but it also results in the lashes being worn down.

It is essential to prioritize the maintenance of your mental health to take care of not only yourself but also your eyelashes.

5. Illnesses of the Eye

Blepharitis, often known as inflammation of the eyelids, is a kind of eye illness that may lead to the thinning and loss of eyelashes. A parasite like the Demodex folliculorum mite or an overgrowth of bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus may cause blepharitis. Both of these factors can lead to lid infestations. These infections may be passed on to us by touching our eyes with our fingers or by being exposed to particles in the air, such as pollen, dust, or soil particles.



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