Top 5 Bengali Durga Brass Idols To Decorate Your Home

Top 5 Bengali Durga Brass Idols To Decorate Your Home

Top 5 Bengali Durga Brass Idols To Decorate Your Home

Durga puja is in the air with less than 100 days remaining to welcome Maa Durga into our home and life and check out top 5 Durga Brass Idols. While some might find this too early, the preparation of pandal-making has started in West Bengal.

People take pandal-making to a whole new level when it comes to Durga Puja. The artist is excited and so are we. If you are someone who wants to join in this celebration with Durga Maa and is looking for brass idols that will give your home an authentic Bengali look then you are at the right place.

Having a nice beautiful Durga Idol at home will not only fill the place with a lot of positive energy but also bless everyone in your home. But the question is that even if you are looking for a Durga Idol which one should you consider bringing into your place? 

As there are many types of Durga Idols present in the market, as good as it is to have options and choices, we have to admit that it leaves us confused to know which will be best for us or even suit us.

If you are struggling with the same problem then let us help you with this blog where we talk about the significance of the Durga idol in our home. After that, we will clear up all the doubts regarding the question if we should have a Durga Idol at home. 

Then we will list five Bengali Durga Brass Idols to decorate your home. 

If that is something that you are looking for then stay with us and keep reading.

What is the significance of idol Durga?

As we know how important and popular Shaktism is in India, especially in the Eastern Parts of India. People living in the Eastern Parts believe that Maa Durga had descended from heaven to the Earth to kill the Buffalo Demon Mahishasura.

And this is where we get the answer to our question about the significance of the Brass Idols of Maa Durga. The answer is that it symbolised the Victory of Good over evil. 

At Mahishasur was not an extremely strong demon and also he considered that women are powerless and below men. Given his mindset, he acquired a boon from Brahma that he would not be defeated by any male. 

After which he began to rise havoc on Earth, distraught by his behaviour and action all the deities went to Lord Vishnu to help them to get out of this situation. Then Lord Vishnu along with the holy trinity emitted light which was brighter than all the energy combined of all three Lokas.

The light formed into the goddess Maa Durga, and after that, it turned to give her weapons Lord Shiva gave her his Trident, Lord Vishnu his Sudharshan Chakra, Indra gave her his Vajra (lighting bolt) in a similar manner Maa Durga got all the weapons from all the demigods.

After this, she went to fight with Mahishasur and fought for 10 whole days and won against him. 

Can we have Durga idol at home?

Yes, absolutely. You can have a brass idol of Durga at home. Having a Durga idol at home is a great way to prevent the entry of any kind of negative energy. 

Along with that, a right Durga Idol will help in bringing prosperity and harmony into your life. Many believe that having a Durga Idol at home prevents all kinds evil energy from entering your life.

What are 5 Bengali Durga brass Idols to decorate your home?

As we have discussed the significance of having a brass idol of Durga in our home. In this section, we will talk about different types of Bengali Brass Idols to decorate your home.

Down below, we have a list of all the Durga idols that you can use to decorate your home:

Goddess Durga slaying Mahishasura 


This is a must-have idol of maa durga. In this brass idol, Maa Durga is seen slaying the buffalo demon Mahishasura. In this idol, we have Goddess Durga piercing the heart of Mahishasur.

Maa Durga with family 

In this form of Durga, we are witnessing the loving and nurturing side of Durga. As in Bengali culture, Maa Durga is shown as the wife of Lord Shiva and she has Four children. 

Lord Kartikey is the eldest son and Lord Ganesha is the youngest son while Goddess Laxmi is the eldest daughter and Goddess Saraswati is the youngest daughter.

This form of Goddess is associated with motherly love, harmony and peace. 

Durga headpiece 

This is a blend of traditional culture and modern expression. A brass Durga headpiece is something that you should add to your home if you are a huge fan of art and culture.

Not just that if you want to do something that will invoke positivity and remove the negativity lingering in the surrounding.

Maa Durga standing on Mahishasur head


A brass idol of Maa Durag standing on the head of Mahishasur is think out of the box concept. In this brass idol, we can see that goddess is standing on the head of a buffalo.

As Mahishasur was a buffalo demon and the buffalo head signifies evil which is defeated by Durga Maa.

If you are looking for something different yet cultural statue then you should consider adding this idol to your place.

Dokra Durga idol 

Dokra is an art form that originated by tribals living in West Bengal. This is an old art form which beautifully captures the essence of Bengali beauty that the goddess Durga is associated with. 

You can find various forms of Durga idols sculpted in the Dokra Art form available in the market. 

To wrap it up

Now we have reached the end of this discussion about the top 5 Bengali Durga brass idols to decorate your home. We discussed all the things that we promised which were the significance that the Durga idol holds in our life.

Then we talked if we can have the Durga idol at our home. Then we listed 5 Bengali Durga brass idols that will adorn your home.

And here, we are at the last section where we are hoping that you found this blog informative and useful.

That’s all for now. 

Thank you for reading till the end.

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