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Total Geography Class 10: The Ultimate Book For Effective Preparation

Geography is a science field dedicated to the study of lands, inhabitants, characteristics, and the phenomena of the planet Earth. The subject is the study of places and the relationships between people and their environments. Studying Geography helps students explore and grasp place and space, discover the contrasts in culture, landscapes, economies, political systems, and environments worldwide, and explore their connection.

Total Geography Class 10 is one of the most preferred books among students like you. The entire curriculum of Class 10 Geography explores places from climate diversity. You can effortlessly use the book for your studies and exam preparation. The book contains chapters with detailed explanations for understanding geographical concepts effortlessly. 

Still not satisfied? Want to know more about the book? Let’s explore more details, highlights, and features of the Total Geography Book for Class 10 ICSE students.

More About Total Geography Class 10 

P.S. Latika, Jasmine Rachael, and Dolly E Sequeira are the book’s authors. Morning Star published the book for ICSE Class 10 students. The book is popular among Class 10 students, but teachers also prefer this book for teaching. The book is in a paperback variant, and the text is in English. It covers all the geographical aspects, making Total Geography Class 10 a perfect resource for students appearing for the ICSE examinations soon. 

Features of Total Geography Class 10 

With precise coverage, attractive characteristics, and informative explanations, the Total Geography textbook for Class 10 ICSE students is an ideal tool for success. Every chapter in the book is divided systematically to help you memorise important geographical concepts to score well and ace your exams. 

The following points are some interesting features of the book:

Unique Learning Methodology

The Total Geography Class 10 provides a unique learning methodology to study Geography, focusing on real-world applications of various geographical concepts. The textbook is divided into several chapters, each covering a different topic, including physical geography, human geography, environmental geography, etc. Detailed and precise explanations will help you grasp complicated geographical concepts effortlessly. 

Explanations with Visual Illustrations

To make the study of Geography more enjoyable and interesting, the book’s authors included maps, diagrams, photographs, and other graphical illustrations. In addition to visual illustrations, the Total Geography Class 10 provides multiple case studies to make learning Geography fun and engaging. These small features help you visualise and grasp complex geographical concepts to develop your knowledge. 

Simple, Clear, and Concise Language

The language used in Total Geography Class 10 is simple, crisp, and concise. The easy-to-understand language makes it effortless to follow and grasp the subject. It includes a glossary of important terms and concepts in uncomplicated language to ensure you understand the subject matter. 

Covers all Geographical Aspects

The Total Geography Class 10 textbook covers all the essential geographical aspects, making it an ideal resource for Class 10 students who want to understand the subject thoroughly. Its precise coverage, engaging features and clear and concise explanations make it a significant tool for success. 

Highlights of Total Geography Class 10 

The Total Geography Class 10 textbook covers the latest ICSE syllabus, including a chapter on Waste Generation and Management, based on which the question paper will be set. According to the curriculum, the course content is at every chapter’s head, giving students a proper glimpse. Moreover, students can use the additional study material in the Total Geography textbook for informational and reference purposes. 

The primary highlights of the Total Geography Class 10 are as follows:

  • Application and thinking skills-based examples to let students find solutions to questions on skills, such as remembering, inference, application, and judgement.
  • The textbook provides a revised specimen paper to help you to revise the crucial topics before the exam.
  • According to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, maps of India are provided at the end of the Total Geography Class 10 textbook for ICSE students.
  • The Total Geography Class 10 book comprises extracts of survey maps to assist you in practising map reading.
  • The authors included relevant information about the geographical concepts and presented them in an understandable language.


Total Geography Class 10 teaches you important geographical concepts. You can use the book throughout the academic year as a revision guide before your Class 10 ICSE Geography exam. It comprises well-labelled diagrams that might be asked in the exam. Some essential topics are explained through maps, for which you can find a separate question section. 

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