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Track Your Train Ticket and Coach Position in Real Time

Every day, millions of people use the railway system, making trains a common and useful mode of transportation. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or just arranging a one-time trip, keep track of your PNR status and train coach position for a smooth and trouble-free journey. Platforms like Zoop have emerged as a result of the development of technology to provide real-time updates and allow users to track their PNR status and Train Coach Position. Throughout this blog post, we’ll look at how Zoop can improve your journey by keeping you informed and organized.


  1. Recognizing the PNR Status


The PNR status is a unique identification number that is printed on every train ticket. Important information like travel details, reservation status, and passenger specifics are included. You can check the status of your PNR to see if your ticket is confirmed, waitlisted, or on a reservation against cancellation (RAC) list.


  1. Zoop is your all-inclusive traveling companion


Zoop is an intuitive mobile application and web platform that makes tracking PNR status and Train Coach Position easier. You will always have the most up-to-date information available to you on your journey thanks to its real-time updates.


  1. How to check PNR Status using Zoop:


With Zoop, it is easy and quick to check your Train PNR Status. The steps are as follows:.


a.You can download the Zoop mobile app from the app store on your device, or you can use your browser to go directly to the Zoop website.


b.Open the app or website, then go to the PNR status section.


c.The unique PNR number on your train ticket must be entered.

On your computer, select “Check Status.”.

Zoop will obtain the most recent information regarding your PNR, providing details such as ticket status, seat/berth allocation, and any updates or changes.

Train coach positions are being monitored. Knowing the precise location of your train coach will help you shorten wait times and ensure a smooth boarding process.

You can use Zoop to find out where your train coach is right now and to plan your trip more effectively using that knowledge. By finding the coach’s location in advance, you can avoid rushing and confusion by setting up shop close to the appropriate platform entrance.

Benefits of Using Zoop

To ensure that you always have the most up-to-date information available, Zoop offers real-time updates on PNR status and Check Train Coach Position. You will be able to stay informed about any changes or delays to your travel plans more easily as a result.

Convenience: Whenever and wherever you are, you can use Zoop to access information about your train coach position and PNR status. The user-friendly interface of the mobile application makes it simple to navigate and access the data you need.With Zoop, you can create personalized alerts and notifications. You can sign up to receive notifications about adjustments to your PNR status, coach positions, delays, and other critical updates to keep you informed throughout your trip.

Offline Access: Zoop offers access to your coach position and PNR status information offline. When traveling through areas with spotty or nonexistent internet connectivity, this is especially useful.

User Reviews and Ratings: By incorporating user reviews and ratings, Zoop provides insightful information on train services, cleanliness, punctuality, and other factors that might influence your trip. With the help of this knowledge, you can plan your trip with confidence.

Updates on Train Arrival and Departure:

The departure and arrival times of the train are updated for you by Zoop. It provides you with the most recent information on any delays, reschedules, or changes to the estimated time of arrival of the train so you can plan your travel accordingly.

Platform specifics:

Your train’s platform information is provided by Zoop. Knowing the platform number where your train will arrive or depart will help you navigate the railroad station more efficiently and reduce the likelihood that you will miss your train.

Alternate Trains and Routes:

If there are any cancellations or delays, Zoop can suggest alternative trains or routes to get you where you need to go. When unforeseen circumstances arise or you need to make last-minute changes to your travel itinerary, this feature is useful.

Your train’s location can be found here:

Using Zoop, you can monitor the speed and advancement of your train. By being aware of the train’s current location and speed, you can more precisely predict when it will reach its destination. You can then work on your pickup plans or plan your next route as a result.

Station amenities and facilities include:

Zoop provides information on the amenities and services provided at various rail stations. Information on the waiting areas, concession stands, restrooms, medical facilities, and other services that can make your travel experience more pleasant is included in this.


Zoop serves as an all-inclusive travel companion by allowing you to see the status of your PNR and the locations of your train coaches in real-time. With its intuitive interface, tailored notifications, and offline access, Zoop ensures that you are informed and prepared throughout your train journey.

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