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7 decorating tips to get it right in every environment

Many people find it difficult to create a setting for the rooms in their house and, therefore, resort to the help of professionals. Whatever your case or preference, there are several ways to achieve the desired look in your home by following some decorating tips .

Whether to start from scratch or to renew the look of each space, there are several decorating tips that we can adopt to make this process more peaceful, achieving a look with your style and personality. Check out the main ones!

1 – Create a color palette to start your decor

One of the main decoration tips to start assembling each room is to define the colors that will be used in each space. From the chosen tones, you can start looking for furniture, accessories and styles that speak with the chosen color.

To start, opt for a main color and pass on two more shades that complement it. Three is a good number to use as a basis for each room’s décor. If you want to use other nuances, leave it for details on small objects or prints.

2 – Or opt for the monochrome look

If you are more minimalist and prefer decoration with a unique color, the monochromatic style is your choice. Whether in shades of red, blue, or even just using white, to create a more interesting space and give it more dimension, the tip is to use different textures.

In the case of an all-white bedroom, for example, use bedding in varied fabrics and different finishes to make the space more personality. One option is to use a cotton matte quilt, along with a fur coat and crochet pillows.

3 – Bet on textiles to heat the room

The blankets and pillows are responsible for complementing these pieces and the space with great comfort, versatility and sophistication. A fleece can be positioned at the end of the sofa, while the blanket can be gently placed over an armchair. As for the pillows , create a set of prints, colors and fabrics that talk to each other and place them on the sofa, serving to accommodate and decorate the room.

In addition to bringing charm and personality to your space, as well as a lot of warmth, textiles are great options to vary the look of each environment in your home. Easier to replace than large furniture, when you get tired of a look, just opt ​​for new pieces and voilá!

4 – Use plants to make the environment more relaxing

A trend in interior decoration that is increasingly adopted, plants are great options to complete those empty corners of the room. Being able to gain prominence from beautiful floral arrangements on the table or arranged in vases on the edge of a shelf, the species, in addition to decorating, are responsible for transmitting a relaxing feeling inside the house.

5 – Fill in the spaces with decorative objects

Among the decoration tips , accessories appear as a great complement and a great solution to bring personality and a sense of belonging to your home. In decor, it’s the details that help define a style and make the environment more interesting.

Bet on picture frames, vases, decorative books, trays , candles and mirrors to fill empty spaces on top of sideboards and tables, as well as on shelves. To do this, play with objects at different heights to create a dazzling arrangement, following the same color and material pattern.

6 – Bring charm to the walls

Whether decorating a bedroom , living room, kitchen or bathroom, creating an accent wall is a great decorative solution to bring style to your room. It can be created through vibrant coloration, in contrast to other walls in muted tones, as well as by using wallpaper in contrast to plain walls. Another option is to create a gallery wall , also known as a photo wall.

7 – Finish with personality through items with affective memory

Whatever the decorative style adopted or the quality of your furniture and pieces, the items that carry effective memories are responsible for bringing your personality to each room, as well as making your home more yours.

Through photos in portrait frames, wooden furniture inherited from the family, as well as that knitted blanket made by our grandmother, these are the pieces that can be fitted in any corner, serving as a point of style and joy in the decor.


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