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Learn how to use treadmill at home

The power that rugs have to transform the home is undeniable. They are key pieces to complete the decor and make environments more comfortable. However, you need to know where and how to use these items. That’s why we’re going to teach you how to use a treadmill .

This type of rug is very useful, as it has several possibilities of use, regardless of the room where it is inserted. Keep reading and find out how to make the most of the treadmill in your home!

What is a treadmill?

First, what is a treadmill ? This item is nothing more than a rug version. However, it differs from conventional models, as it usually measures 1.30 mx 50 cm. Therefore, the main feature of the article is the greater length in relation to the width.

When used as a decorative element in the environment, the treadmill fulfills an aesthetic function. However, it is also very functional. Learn more about what it can bring to the home.

Benefits of the treadmill for the environment

The treadmill is lightweight, hygienic and easy to clean. Among its main uses is protecting the floor against scratches or scratches and offering thermal comfort to the feet.

In addition, non-slip alternatives provide safety, especially in environments where there is frequent water circulation. Another benefit of them is the aid in the delimitation of spaces.

An ally in decoration

The decor also gains a new air with the treadmill. That’s because it is available in different colors and prints. So you can choose the option that best suits your style.

The plain pieces are classic and bring a touch of sobriety to the environment. If you like a cleaner effect , prefer alternatives with light colors. The strong tones offer vivacity and modernity.

The printed options are full of charm and carry different possibilities. You can choose from floral, geometric, animal print and much more!

How to use treadmill indoors

Now that you know what it is and what benefits it offers, it’s time to learn how to use a treadmill. Below, you discover the different possibilities of using this item.

How to use a treadmill in the entrance hall

One of the places among the alternatives on how to use a treadmill is the entrance hall. This is the first point of contact for visitors to your home. Therefore, it is essential that it is well decorated.

In this environment, the piece offers charm and comfort, making your home welcoming from the entrance. One tip is to leave it near the hook for hanging coats or the key holder.


When the question “ where to use treadmill ?” is made, the kitchen is unanimous in the answers. That’s because this accessory helps to make the room more cozy, stylish and clean, as it covers the floor.

However, how to use treadmill in the kitchen ? You can place the item in front of the sink, especially if it is non-slip, ensuring greater safety when washing dishes.

It is also possible to use it in front of the stove, leaving the floor clean and free of food spills. For the decor to look beautiful, try combining it with other kitchen rugs .

Just like the kitchen, the laundry room and the bathroom also have the use of water. Therefore, using a treadmill in these environments is advantageous to keep everything dry and sanitized, in addition to completing the decoration.

Living room

In doubt about how to use a treadmill in the living room? In this environment, a soft piece is very welcome, ensuring a pleasant texture to the feet when resting. Generally, materials of natural origin, such as cotton or wool, provide this warmth.

One idea is to include the treadmill in front of the sideboard, bringing a touch of charm to this area of ​​the room. Also, if your living room is small, you can use the piece in the center of the space to create a sense of spaciousness.


Just like the previous environment, the bedroom is a place where coziness cannot be left aside. Therefore, if you don’t know how to use a treadmill in your bedroom , the ideal is to invest in soft models, such as the shaggy one . Positioning the item in front or on the sides of the bed brings elegance and convenience.

How to use a treadmill in hallways

As with other environments, it is important to decorate the corridors of the house, as they are intermediate spaces between the rooms. The treadmills are elements that cannot be missing when completing these regions.


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