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Automatic transmission | press it and go!

The automatic gearbox is that type of mechanical component which in motor vehicles automatically varies the transmission ratio, without the need for intervention by the driver. Usually, cars equipped with automatic gearboxes are associated with the UK, where they have always appeared to be the best practical solution for making driving easier. In Italy, however, the situation appears to be reversed; the automatic driving lesson Birmingham has been opposed on several fronts, above all by that vein of motorists who are passionate about the habit of manual gearboxes.

Automatic gearbox? No, thank you!

The “steering wheel purists” have always opposed driving with Automatic car driving lessons. According to their point of view, the manual gearbox is an essential element to “feel” the car and to fully enjoy all the pleasure of driving. The manual gearbox is usually considered more reliable and reassuring because it conveys the sensation of better control and domination of the car; it allows a different transmission ratio to be selected each time , through a gearbox that allows the driver to change the gear of the vehicle, according to the situation.

The advantages of Automatic car driving lessons

A car with an automatic transmission is characterized by the presence of only two pedals: the accelerator and the brake, so only the right leg will be used to drive. Beyond the initial difficulties of adaptation, for those accustomed to manual gearboxes, the relaxed driving allowed by not having to deal with changing gears lowers stress by improving performance behind the wheel. Using a car with an automatic transmission you will have the following advantages:

  • the car will never turn off;
  • you will not have to use the gears, but only the brake and the accelerator;
  • extreme driving comfort and road safety ;
  • reduction of all muscle problems due to driving in traffic;
  • since there is no clutch, it cannot break if not used correctly;
  • when starting uphill your car will not roll back.

How automatic transmission has evolved

Once upon a time, automatic gearboxes worsened the performance of cars, weighing on fuel consumption and the pockets of motorists, the latest models of cars with automatic transmissions offered on the market stand out for their efficiency and safety. The high number of gears allows the engine to always travel at full speed, and the gearbox constantly engages the right gear, guaranteeing even the most skeptical motorists the optimization of fuel consumption, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Automatic transmission and automatic driving lessons in Coventry

To meet these changes, lately, some driving schools have been gearing up, offering those who want to take the b license the possibility of practicing with cars equipped with manual gearboxes or with models equipped with automatic transmissions. This double possibility allows future motorists to choose, even knowing that: attending the theory course for automatic driving lessons Coventry, following the lessons, and taking the driving license exam, with cars equipped with manual transmission, enables you to drive cars with both types of transmission system. We, therefore, note that the choice to take Automatic car lessons and take the exam with an automatic transmission prevents future driving of cars with manual transmissions.


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