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Based on your horoscope, where should you go on a solo trip?

It’s tempting to just book the next foreign flight out of your local airport, assuming that wherever the pilot lands will be a magical spot full of exciting new experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

And when the day-to-day bustle becomes too much, you may start fantasizing about a solitary vacation, actually escaping it all, to discover a new area and immerse yourself totally in another culture without interruption.

It might be difficult to narrow down the options for a solo vacation place. The world is your oyster when yours is the only opinion that matters. What if there are fantastic cities that you haven’t even considered? You are not alone in thinking that. The stars may have aligned for this to happen.

You may laugh at the notion that your personality is determined exclusively by the month in which you were born, but the reality is that your astrological sign can reveal significant information about you that might help you choose the ideal retreat for one.

We get that basing a vacation on your zodiac sign may seem like a bit of a stretch. But we dare you to have an open mind, read on to find out where you may like to go, and then go over to Expedia to start making reservations.

It’s possible you’ll merely buy a ticket and hope the four astrological signs put you exactly where you belong.


Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

A sailboat off the coast of Paxos

Capricorns are ambitious people who work hard but may go too far in their pursuit of success. The sheer volume of their responsibilities might make them feel overwhelmed. Due to their gregarious nature, Capricorns may be intimidated by the prospect of traveling alone; nevertheless, a spur-of-the-moment encounter may be just what they need to recharge their batteries and rediscover their spontaneity.

Paxos, Greece is the perfect place for a solitary traveler to unwind. Capricorns will never feel completely alone amid the hundreds of olive trees that dot this seven-mile-long island, since the people who live there are some of the nicest in the world. View the stunning coastline, bays, and underwater caverns, and then stop at one of the numerous tavernas that are conveniently located within a sandal’s distance.


Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

Where to travel solo based on your zodiac sign

Aquarians are fiercely independent and constantly seeking for the next challenge. Despite their occasionally distant phrazle appearance, those born under this zodiac sign are free spirits who love to have a good time with those around them. Since Aquarians are comfortable in their own company, they are a good choice as the trip planner.

The perfect place for a real Aquarius to enjoy the bustle of a busy city while on a solo vacation is Marrakesh, the cultural and spiritual center of Morocco. Souks are stocked with artisan items and eye-catching souvenirs, so be prepared to get lost in the maze of tourists making their way through them. Yves Saint Laurent’s gift to Marrakesh, a stunning blue home with a garden that protects 300 distinct plant species, is a must-see on every traveler’s list.

Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20)

Where to travel solo based on your zodiac sign

Pisces are easygoing and optimistic, with their hearts on their sleeves and their heads in the clouds. This astrological sign is kind and perceptive, yet it may be draining because of the continual giving without any expectation of return. Pisces, with their tendency for empathy, are deserving of a trip that allows them to unwind and revel in peace and quiet.

Bali, Indonesia is a unique paradise where modern amenities coexist with ancient customs, making it the perfect destination for a solo traveler. Padang Padang beach (where Julia Roberts met her love interest in “Eat, Pray, Love”) is one of the many beautiful beaches in Bali. Visitors to Bali may expect a warm welcome from locals and an immersion in Balinese culture by seeing the island’s numerous temples. Every day there is live traditional music and performances, and the food at any restaurant will blow your mind.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Where to travel solo based on your zodiac sign

As a group, Aries people are always on the go and full of energy, never content to sit back and take it easy. Their upbeat attitude is infectious and they have a fun demeanor. They are continuously on the lookout for the next trendiest pastime there is. A person born under this sign wouldn’t dream of spending a week lounging on a beach; they like to be where all the excitement is.

An Ideal Trip for One:Melbourne, Australia is one of the best places to visit and offers everything an Aries could want. Melbourne attracts the creative and the daring because of its abundance of pubs, museums, and secret eateries around every corner. Stop by Hosier Lane, a stretch of cobblestones whose walls are always being re-decorated by a new crop of street painters, much like the ebb and flow of the ocean. If you post an image of it on Instagram, you can expect to be flooded with likes and comments.


Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Where to travel solo based on your zodiac sign

Taureans are kind souls who enjoy the better things in life but are more motivated by a desire to share their good fortune with those less fortunate. Although this sign is known for their kindness and friendliness, they may be nervous about taking a trip alone at first.

St. Bart’s, one of the chicest places in the Caribbean, is where you should go to relax in the sun and live it up on your solo vacation. This tropical island is widely marketed as a top destination for the affluent and beautiful due to its isolated beaches, such as the nudist-friendly Saline Beach and the more modest St. Jean Beach (which is just for topless sunbathing). If you’re looking for a place to unwind, look no further; here is the place to do it.


Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Where to travel solo based on your zodiac sign

Geminis are notoriously erratic and fidgety because of their dual personalities. This sign possesses the real essence of an adrenaline addict, and it needs unpredictability since it becomes bored so rapidly. Solo travel is not frightening; in fact, it’s a no-brainer. A Gemini traveler is looking for a place where they can feel the adrenaline pumping through their veins, and the same goes for the place they visit.

Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is a pulsating metropolis where the daytime activity is matched only by the nighttime excitement, making it the perfect destination for a solo vacation. There are always interesting things to see and do in Toronto, whether you’re wandering the Distillery District or Queen Street West. Keep your ears peeled if you happen to be wandering the streets alone; over 140 languages are spoken in this multiethnic metropolis.


Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Where to travel solo based on your zodiac sign

Cancers are naturally kind and sensitive, so they thrive when they get love and understanding from those around them. They have a strong sense of intuition and are very devoted, although their selflessness may leave them exhausted. Instead of using their time away from home to go on exciting adventures, those born under this sign should focus on giving themselves the attention and care that they need and deserve.

The Philippines’ Boracay Island is the perfect place for a solo traveler to experience paradise. The laid-back Diniwid Beach is the place to be during the day, while the hip Area 51 Secret Party Facility is the place to be at night. A Cancer will feel revitalized and recharged after their visit.


Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22)

Where to travel solo based on your zodiac sign

Leos, who are represented by the lion in astrology, are driven by a desire for success and recognition. This high-energy sign is known to be the center of attention and an embodiment of self-assurance. Though they won’t be able to flaunt their figurative mane to loved ones on a single trip, they may still walk about like the king of the jungle and make an impression on others.

When traveling alone, it’s hard to imagine a place more exciting than Reykjavk, Iceland. Its breathtaking scenery of mountains, waterfalls, and vividly colored buildings will make you gasp for air. This trip will be one for the record books since it is jam-packed with amazing places to eat, see art, and party until the wee hours of the morning. In addition, the Aurora Borealis may be seen from the Grótta lighthouse on the off chance that the weather is clear and you go at the correct time.


Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

Where to travel solo based on your zodiac sign

Virgos, ever the diligent investigators, put more stock in facts and reason than they do in gut feelings. This sign places a premium on order and precision, therefore they won’t take a spontaneous approach to anything crucial, like a trip. Virgos are excellent solitary travelers because they prepare meticulously in advance, down to the hour.

Antwerp, Belgium is a great destination for a solo trip since you will never be bored. The cultural and artistic attractions in this lovely city are sure to be high on a Virgo’s list. The Grote Markt, with its Brabo Fountain, and the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal, the most magnificent cathedral in Belgium, are also worth seeing as you stroll the city’s cobblestone streets.


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