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Easy Ways to Play Strip Poker

Imagine it’s a weekend night and you have your friends over. The mood is set but to make it more fun and unforgettable for you and your friends, Gambjet has a suggestion!

Do you know what is strip poker? Strip Poker is an innovative version of far-gone traditional poker. Strip poker requires the players to remove a clothing piece every time they lose in the game making things hot and fun. 

You can personalise a strip poker game however you like but here are a few things you are going to need: 

  • A deck of cards
  • Poker chips
  • Sense of humour
  • Curtains
  • At least one prejudice-free friend

How to play strip poker? 

To play a strip poker game, you need little to no knowledge of traditional poker. It is a light-hearted game which you might have seen in movies. Follow these steps to start your fast-paced, simple heads-up strip poker game. 

  • Set Up: Ensure that everyone has a number of poker chips with them and then, allocate a piece of clothing to each chip. For this game, changing a card on the flop is allowed.
  • Shuffle and Deal: Shuffle the cards and deal each player with two cards which they can see and two bonus cards which they can’t see. 
  • Deal the flop: For this, start by throwing the card into the discarded pile and place the rest of the three cards face up in the centre which become communal cards so everybody can use them. 
  • Allow a change: After the dealt flop, blind exchange starts. Players can decide if they want to exchange one or both of their face-down cards for new ones. Once exchanged blindly, they can’t be retrieved. 
  • Run the board: Now is the time to deal with the communal board. Discard or burn one more card and deal another face-up card. Repeat this till the fifth and last community card. To keep the suspense and fun going, make the players turn the cards over on the flop. 
  • Showdown: It’s the final step. The player with the worst hands loses a chip and therefore an appropriate piece of clothing. These chips represent lives so the lost chips are put aside until the next game. 

How to make the game fair: 

To make things fair in the game, start by assigning a chip value to each item of clothing because everyone has a different number and type of clothes. Accordingly, a player would lose an item of cloth corresponding to the number of chips assigned to the cloth. 

Here’s an idea of the number of chips assigned to different clothes: 

Girl in a dress 

  • Dress: 3 Chips
  • Socks: 1 Chip
  • Shoes: 1 Chip

Guys in Jeans

  • Shirt: 1 Chip
  • Shoes: 1 Chip
  • Jeans: 1 Chip
  • Jacket: 1 Chip
  • Cap: 1 Chip

Remember you can personalize your game however you like it and depending upon the clothing pieces and accessories you and your friends are wearing. You can also add earrings, bracelets, and more to even things out. 

So, Are you ready to have a naughty turn to your ordinary night? Make sure to make it a memorable one, wink wink! 



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