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International Taxation Services: Navigating Cross-Border Compliance and Maximising Global Opportunities

Located in Maryborough Victoria in the north-east of Australia, the International Taxation Services renders a comprehensive range of tax-based services for traders and business firms. These include preparation of Business Activity Statements (BAS), tax returns (both individuals and businesses), and self-managed retirement funds. 

Established by Ray Swift and Neville Brice, this agency has formed an ample client base comprising many businesses like manufacturing, agricultural, construction, etc. 

Types of International Taxation Services 

Mentioned below is the array of services offered by the International Taxation Services agency in Australia:

  • Tax Returns

The organisation renders a wide range of taxation services for people, companies, businesses, partnerships and other firms. The tax returns are furnished electronically in the fastest and most convenient way, enabling their clients to pay their taxes timely. By doing so, they help reduce the tax liability of their clients.

  • Self-managed Superannuation Fund

The International Taxation Services renders taxation returns for many clients associated with self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF). Regardless of how small or big the clients are, the company values them and provides professional service while ensuring they can claim maximum dedication towards their retirement fund. 

  • Business Structure

With a long history in the field of company structure, the accounting firm in Australia delivers helpful advice on different business structures irrespective of whether their services and infrastructure are large or small. 

  • Trusts

Trusts enable you to allocate income to a few beneficiaries who then pay tax as per their marginal rate. International Taxation Services is specialised in the preparation of income tax returns for every trust such as Property Trusts, Family Trusts, and Unit Trusts.

  • International Tax 

The tax professionals of International Taxation Services render advisory services that assist many MNCs to streamline the tax strategies of their business. The professionals in international tax practices offer an extensive range of outbound and inbound tax services. They help maintain legal compliance in case of international transactions.

  • Indirect Tax

The indirect tax services offer technical support on various types of indirect taxes that include Value Added Tax (VAT), Goods and Services Tax (GST), excise duties, customs duties, and so on. Besides, the advisory specialists aid many businesses form an international business strategy to manage costs and global trade regulations.

  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Many businesses find it difficult to compile and lodge their monthly or quarterly BAS for GST since it consumes plenty of time and effort. International Taxation Services helps those business firms to complete the BAS return and lodge the same on their behalf. 

  • Tax Advice and Planning

International Taxation Services help their clients with company management reports, yearly reports, financial accounts, tax planning reports etc. By doing so, they improve their legitimacy. Their objective is to assist various clients by capitalising on their business or investments and thus reaching their maximum potential.

Accounting, tax returns, secretarial services etc. seem to be extremely challenging for businesses, individuals or professionals. For this, working with International Taxation Services is the best option.


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