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Marseille: Wandering About the City’s Versatile Neighbourhoods

Marseille is a city kaleidoscope with diverse cultures, multicultural citizens, and ancient spotlights. The city’s colourful neighbourhoods are the unique mixture of bright, imaginative graffiti art and fabulous Medieval castles. Let’s set off on a journey and see the iconic squares and historic buildings of this alluring French city

Le Panier: The Oldest District of Marseille

Le Panier is Marseille’s oldest neighbourhood and its main attraction. Located just in the heart of the city, Le Panier is a place where Marseille’s history began in 600 B.C. The old city is amazingly scenic. Sky-blue shutters, potters with blooming geraniums, Victorian epoch streetlights, and Mediterranean architecture create the impression of a charming fairytale. 

Sites to See at Le Panier: The Bucket List for a Tourist

Le Panier is a real paradise for a tourist.  An endless bulk of historical spots are concentrated here. It is a must-visit attraction in Marseille. The journey will be much more enjoyable if you hire a car in Marseille. Learn more about the diversity of vehicles, car hire prices, and rental conditions by visiting this website. Preorder a car beforehand and travel to the most prominent sites of the district with enhanced comfort.

  • Vieille Charité

The building was constructed by a charitable association and initially was used as an almshouse. Nowadays it is a museum and cultural centre. The historical monument is a marvellous example of 17th-century architecture. The Vieille Charitè comprises several institutions – 2 museums, 3 research institutes, and an International Poetry Centre. 

  • The Diamond House

The ‘Maison Diamantée’ or the Diamond House bears its name due to the sharp-pointed stone plates that decorate the façade. The Diamond House is one of Marseille’s renowned old-timers. It was constructed between the 16th and 17th centuries at the request of Spanish and Italian merchants. A lot of wealthy patrician families used to live here.

  • The Cabre Hotel

Would you like to witness the history of Marseille? Then head off to the oldest house in the city – The Cabre Hotel. It was built approximately in 1535 for a merchant Louis de Cabre. Architecturally it is a mixture of Gothic and Renaissance styles. It was dynamited by the Germans in 1943. Fortunately, the plan was a failure. The building survived and now is considered to be one of Marseille’s precious relics.

The ‘Hôtel Dieu’, the church of ‘Accoules’, the ‘Place de Lenche’ (Lenche square), the ‘Place des Moulins’ (Mills square), Passage Lorette, Place des Pistoles are among other prominent spotlights of the Old City.

The best ideas of what to see and to do in La Panier you’ll find here.

Vieux Port

Vieux Port is a claim to fame and a real crown jewel of Marseille. The waterfront is filled with cafes, bars, and restaurants. They are equipped with outdoor sittings. So, the tourists can enjoy picturesque Mediterranean sunsets and try the gourmet cuisine of South France.  A fish market offers freshly-caught seafood. A little ferry boat runs from one side of the port to the other. 

There is an array of sights in the port’s neighbourhood, such as the lighthouse Phare de Sainte-Marie, the Museum of Old Marseille, the Roman Catholic church Saint-Ferréol les Augustins, the fascinating island of Château d’If, and the oldest Roman Catholic church Saint Victor’s Abbey. 

There are a lot of other neighbourhoods worth visiting in Marseille.

  • Nouilles. The best place to explore colourful markets. It is a well-known district due to its ethnically diverse residents who come from different countries of the globe.
  • Notre-Dame-du-Mont. The neighbourhood is Marseille’s artistic and multicultural hub. Young and talented actors, artists, and other creative people gather together here.

  • Endoume. It is a perfect place to enjoy the postcard views with Gorgeous villas, luxurious yachts, and fanciful sunsets. Make your way towards Endoume if you want to experience the chic side of Marseille.

Click here to read the detailed tour description with photos of Marseille’s most visited spots. 


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