In today’s time people are stuck indoors for most for their time in a day and working on their digital gadgets which is a cycle that seems to have no end to it. If they do not take a break from this endless routine then it would surely end up driving up towards low performance and stressed life.

And in this case, what can be a better option than camping? Camping is an outdoor activity people place small tents in the natural space and spend a night or two with their family and loved ones. It is proven that camping reduces stress and rekindles our connection with nature.


So, if you live in Mumbai and are tired of your endless cycle of daily life then I have 5 top camping spots near Mumbai for you to explore in the coming weekend.




Top 5 Camping Spots Near Mumbai




Is there a better beginning of a day than the one filled with the chirpings of small birds? No, right? If you also think the same then Karnala is the spot for you this weekend, it is a world for all the bird lovers. Being a bird sanctuary, it is filled with many birds even those which you cannot ordinarily find in the city.

And if you want to take a break and explore our past then too Karnala is the spot for you, as it has Karnala Fort which is majestic and is surrounded by beautiful greenery making one lost in its beauty.


Distance: It is around 53 kilometres from Mumbai.

Best time to visit: At the end of monsoon till February for the seeing the best of scenic beauty.




Camping near a small lake with beautiful still water with lush greenery around the water and a countryside to feel the roots of our origin feels attractive, right? If yes, then Pawna/Pavana lake is the best camping spot for you to explore. It is known for its clear glass like surface and its mesmerizing blue colour.

If its morning then you can see the water to change to turquoise from the sunrays and if its night, you can look at the stars being reflected on the clear waters get lost in their shine.


Distance: It is about 115 kilometres away from Mumbai.

Best time to visit: Any time is best as you can look at turquoise lake in morning, spend time around countryside or paraglide in day and do star gazing in night.




Flowers appeal to the child inside us and bring back many dreams of the past, if you want to back and meet the child inside you then Kaas Plateau or the Flower Plateau is the place to visit this weekend. It is UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site since 2012 for the extension species of flowers and butterflies present there. It is a lovely place with the option of night jungle safari available for the people visiting this place.

You can also visit Vajrai Waterfalls near the plateau to cool down your stressed-out selves and regain your energy and spirits.


Distance: It is 279 kilometres from Mumbai.

Best time to visit: August to October is the best visiting time if you want to enjoy the alluring beauty of the flowers.




The small lamps of lights which we saw as children in the summer nights drew us towards them and we would keep looking at them listlessly without keeping track of time. If you want to go back to those summer vacations of yours as a child then visit Purushwadi this coming year just before arrival of monsoon.

Fireflies here create a small festival kind of environment where millions of them come out and make a once-in-a-lifetime kind off view. You can camp in the woods, near the lake or in a house in the village and enjoy this in the night.


Distance: It is around 187 Kilometres from Mumbai.

Best time to Visit: To see the fireflies one should visit in the first week of June.




A beautiful view of hills with vibrant greenery is calls your heart out to relax then you can Vasind to experience that this weekend. It is famous for its temple with beautiful architecture, remains of old fortresses, waterfalls, and for trekking through the hills.

It is a place which can provide you a modern as well as an old ambiance and it has proper sanitation and water facilities leaving less to worry about and more to enjoy for the visitors.


Distance: It is about 63 Kilometres away from Mumbai.

Best time to visit: Visiting in monsoon or just after it would get the best out of Vasind to you.





Taking a break is essential for everyone to recharge themselves and lead their daily lives with same or more productivity. Camping can act as the way to suck out all the negative energy and pump in positivity into you. A small stay in nature with your own people sharing stories, experiences, and time with each other can create a valuable bond.

Hopefully this article which help you this weekend to explore the nature outside.



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