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Where else can you discover 7 Bahamas private islands for a tropical getaway?

When it comes to the concept of paradise, there is no location on earth that compares to the Bahamas. For tourists, there is only one thing that has the potential to ruin their idyllic holiday in a place of swaying palm trees and turquoise seas: people. The Bahamas may be paradise on earth, but they are not exactly a well-kept secret since so many people visit there.

Naturally, if you rent a private island, you won’t have to worry about dealing with people at all. Whether or whether you are on an A-list, if you have the financial means, you too may have an entire island to yourself in the Bahamas. Find listed below seven of the most stunning private islands in the Bahamas that visitors are welcome to explore.

Kamalame Cay

A cottage on Kamalame Cay

Only paying guests are permitted to remain at the resort on the 96-acre private island that is Kamalame Cay. Along the shore of Andros Island is a tranquil and secluded barrier island, which is home to the resort. Bungalows, cottages, beach homes, and villas are just some of the several types of lodgings that are available. The Great Barrier Reef, which is just a mile away, is only the third biggest in the world. In addition, the all-inclusive resort is home to the only overwater spa in the whole country of the Bahamas. It is not possible to get to Kamalame Cay by any other means except flying to Andros Island and then taking a helicopter or seaplane to the cay from there. There are few places on earth more stunning than this one, and all that is required of you to see its splendor is to make hotel reservations and organize your arrival.

Aerial view of Kamalame Cay

Bonefish Cay

At Bonefish Cay, those who want for privacy may find a quaint 13.5 acres all to themselves on which to disconnect from the outside world. There are a few places for tourists to stay on this private island in the Abacos: in addition to the Main Lodge, there are three different bungalows; nevertheless, the island can only accommodate a grand total of 14 guests and two sets of employees. There is a nature walk that goes around the circumference of the island and is one mile long. Other than that, the only other thing to do on the island is to laze on the sandy beaches, paddle about in the crystal blue water, and soak up the sun. It is the same as being marooned on an uninhabited island… if that island happened to be a plush resort complete with climate control. Even better news: If you visit Bonefish Cay and fall in love with it, you can purchase it for just $8.2 million if you decide to make it your permanent home.

Fowl Cay

The beach and ocean from Fowl Cay Resort - Exumas, Bahamas

It’s like having a little piece of paradise all to yourself when you stay at the Fowl Cay Resort, which is located on its own private island and has six villas spread out over 50 acres. When you take a peek at the azure ocean that surrounds this tropical getaway in the Exumas, you will immediately realize that you are in a place that can only be described as heaven. The only signs of “civilization” that can be found outside the villas are a tennis court, a restaurant, and a gift store. If you find that lounging on the beach and snorkeling around the island isn’t enough for you, don’t worry about it since each villa at Fowl Cay comes with its very own powerboat, so you can go out and explore the rest of the region.

Over Yonder Cay

Aerial view of Over Yonder Cay

Although there are just four beautiful villas on the magnificent island of Over Yonder Cay, the island can accommodate up to 30 people, making it the perfect location for a family or team retreat, or even the most epic of birthday parties. What was once a secluded fishing outpost in the Exumas is now an eco-friendly getaway that is powered by a renewable energy system that includes three wind turbines and a solar field. In addition, there is a tennis court, a golf course with nine holes, a fitness center, and a spa cabana.

Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay

A hammock on the beach at Musha Cay and the Island of Copperfield Bay

Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay are a collection of 11 private islands spread over 700 acres and including five guesthouses. They are owned by the illusionist David Copperfield. Due to the fact that Musha Cay is exclusively offered for rental on an exclusive basis, there is no trickery involved in this situation; the island is really yours to enjoy in its entirety. The 10,000 square foot Highview mansion is located on the highest hill on the island. The island’s private chef will feed you and up to 23 guests in one of the island’s picturesque dining locations or straight on a moonlight beach.

Little Whale Cay

Little Whale Cay is a fully staffed private island that can be rented out, and it can be found tucked away in the Berry Islands. The island contains three villas that can sleep a total of 12 people, as well as a private airfield, port, dordle boats for fishing and pleasure, a tennis court, a yoga deck, a gym, and even a personal chef and massage therapist who are available on demand. During your stay, you will also have the opportunity to go sailing and participate in other water activities.

Royal Island

You may have heard of the 430-acre Royal Island if you’ve seen The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals on Netflix. This show is about vacation rentals from across the world. There are a total of five bungalows and three extra suites that may be combined to accommodate up to 18 people in a private setting. In addition to the breathtaking lodgings, there is the availability of water sports, a private chef (who will tailor the food to the specifications of your party), and even the possibility of swimming with wild pigs at Meeks Patch.


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